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Why to Rekey Your Locks?

Safety is the biggest issue in everyone’s life, making it the topic of utmost importance. There are instances when your locks call for your time, and you tend to Ignore because of your busy schedule. But, you cannot just walk away from these calls, and to help you with it are your friendly locksmiths.

This is How the Procedure Goes

The basic thing every family does is to make a lot of copies of that key they have made and distribute it to some of their relatives, neighbors whenever they are going out. But often what is seen in this process is that the key gets lost in some or the other way or may be someone gets a copy of it due to which all the things which are valuable come at a risk. So we should start applying the concept of re-keying. People shifting from one flat to another often lose their keys while if they are traveling outside they should request their landlords to rekey the locks properly. 

Probability of Sinister Things

There are very high chances that if the keys are lost there might be times when really bad things happen. This could be anything stealing of your documents, money or even false accusation of your house. So it is better to be prepared for any such situation if arises and using the rekey lock system could be very helpful in such a situation. Hence the security of your home should always be in your mind.

Windows are The New Entry

Earlier, thieves used doors as an entry, now windows are also taken into use as a passage. Most of the thieves break into the glasses and go inside but people nowadays are getting their windows covered up by steel frames. This is the best time to rekey the locks by calling a locksmith to the house. For the cases where the situation comes to worst and people want to ignore miss happenings like burglary or something like that, they can use the phenomena of the picked lock, a key or a lock where the lock wasn’t present earlier.

Time Management

One should replace keys after every 5 years. 5 years is a long time to get people know about what keys are you using, especially that one who is regular in your house, like electrician, maid or the gardener. Most of the times they have the keys with them and they can easily create a duplicate for it so it’s better to re-key after every 5 years of span.

According to FLD, a reputable locksmith service provider in Lutz, Florida, one could replace the whole lock system or rekey it. It depends upon person to person, their needs and situations. If there isn’t a major problem, one can just rekey the lock, but if the whole lock system is faulty, then definitely it should be replaced by a new one.

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