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Insulation and Its Uses

Insulation is one effective process by which a large amount of heat gain and heat loss can be controlled. This type of technique is used in a lot of houses in order to regulate the temperature in various seasons like dropping the temperature in summers and vice versa. It can control the 80% of the heating and cooling. Not only this insulation reduces condensation and is also beneficial for many health purposes.

Importance of Insulation

  • Insulation has various importance.Some of them are listed below
  • It is a cheaper source and decreases the electricity cost
  • Reduce the source of energy and also decreases the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces the load on heating and cooling systems
  • Improves the comfort level at home There are various kinds of insulations which are sound proof

Kind of insulations Insulation is an important as well as a bit expensive aspect so it should be taken care of while installation.For installing insulation one should definitely contact a qualified insulation contractor or a builder.

There are basically two types of insulations. The first kind of insulation is the bulk insulation. In this type of insulation, the heat is been blocked and it acts as a barrier between outside and your home and it keeps the house warmer during the times of winter while cooler during the time of winters. This type of insulation can be made of glass, polyester, or rubber. This type of installation is used in areas where it is much cooler.

The second type of insulation is the reflective insulation which is mostly used at summer places. This type of insulation by name suggests that it helps in reflecting the sunlight and keep the home cooler. This type of insulation is made up of aluminum rapped on the plastic so that all the heated rays can be reflected back and is found in hot places.

Some kind of insulations is both combined reflective as well as bulk.One can choose the insulation according to the area he is living in.

RightTime to Insulate?

The right time to insulate is when your building is getting renovated. Insulation should be combined with good design so that it can perform its function properly including passive and cooling heating According to some new rules and regulations some states have set the minimum amount of efficiency of energy in some buildings.Proper insulation can help in this. There is another option that is retro lifting in case if u is doing the insulation for a future period. The cost of it depends on the areas which you are installing it in.

What to Insulate?

Ceiling insulation is the most important because most of the heat is trapped there only even roof is also important. Walls insulation can save up to 25% of the total heat.Moreover, wall insulation is important in all the seasons. The experts at Done Rite Insulation, a leading insulation contractor of Clearwater, Florida, say that a proper floor insulation can save up to 20% of the total heat.Whereas water pipes present inside and outside the building can also be insulated.

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