How Couples Can Save Money – Here are Some Easy-to-Follow Tips for Them

The couples have several plans for their future – it could be a summer vacation, buying a home, welcoming a baby or something else. Whatever plan you have, you can never achieve anything without dollars. So, start thinking about future, start thinking about saving money from now on. There are times when you may feel that saving money is the toughest job in the world. However, you are in luck as there are some effective means to set aside what could serve your purposes now and in future.

Here are some most tried and tested money-saving tips that we followed religiously and got an outstanding result.

  • Enjoy inexpensive outing together: Saving is not possible without making the sacrifice. Going for a date at concerts, movies, restaurants, and stadiums is a good idea to spend time but it often turns out to be an expensive outing. Dating ideas that cost little or nothing could save you dollars. Go for a dive, dine at a low-cost restaurant, watch a movie free etc. Cut cost not fun, right?
  • Live in together: As per a 2016 study, the average Americans are not very serious about saving. The report claims that 43% of working families in the USA do not have any retirement plan. Do not let you a part of the statistics. If time and circumstances are favorable, consider staying under the same roof; it will save you a great deal of money. You will get to save on rent, utilities and even food, fuel, and other necessary expenses.
  • Buy used furniture: If you have decided to move together, you need to furnish the apartment. Do you have any plan to buy expensive furniture? If yes, think twice and save money by buying used items. Use spray paint or apply coats of varnish; the used pieces will look spick and span.
  • Consolidation will work in your favor: If possible and whenever possible, think about expense consolidation. The most feasible areas for consolidation include magazine subscriptions, phone bills etc.
  • Chuck out unnecessary subscriptions: You may wonder why it is important to cut expenses in this category. The fact is, if you sum up all expenses for subscriptions, the figure will not be a small one. Do not go for media and magazine subscriptions next time and see how it leaves the positive impact on your saving.
  • Take less expensive trips: A wonderful trip does not need to be expensive always. Next time when you will be on a trip with your partner, avoid expensive hotels and stay in camps. Prepare meals by yourself or dine at a low-cost restaurant.
  • Say goodbye to your credit card: Every dollar counts and make sure to save dollars in every possible way. Bid adieu to your credit card if you have one (I guess you own at least one). Using the card could cause your credit score to soar high. It works as a good replacement for liquid money. Still, it often leads to unfavorable consequences. The easiest way to save these unforeseen troubles is not to use the plastic sheet at all.
  • Never overspend on grocery shopping: Next time you grab hold of the trolley at a grocery store, make sure not to buy what you do not need now or in near future. Discounts are a major distraction and often cause money drain. Do not get tempted to buy anything just because it comes with a discount tag. Buy in bulk to save money.
  • Merge finances: If you have already started living in the same apartment and share expenses together, make certain to create a joint account. That will help in planning a budget accordingly for the monthly expenses you have to incur together.
  • Adjust Your Insurance Policy: A high insurance bill is a clear drain-out on your finances. According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of Americans with healthcare insurance exhaust most or all of their savings to pay medical bills. If a chunk of your expenses goes toward meeting your insurance bills, it is time to rethink and readjust your insurance plan to ease your loads.
  • Plan to clear debts: If both of you are in debt trap, make an effective and actionable plan to clear all of your dues as quickly as possible. Assess your debts together to develop the most effective payment plan that will cut on current interest and help you pay off or at least, reduce debts quickly.
  • Sit together to discuss your financial goals: As a couple, you have some common financial goals. You need to think, plan and work together to achieve those goals. Discuss together your future objectives and only then, you can prepare a plan to fulfill those. Some issues may crop up but I do hope you will be able to iron them out through discussion. Correctly evaluate what you own, what and when you want to achieve, it will help you prepare and adjust your savings plan.

Saving money is a big challenge for individuals and saving plans can go haywire at any given point of time. However, with the right plans and perseverance to as unnecessary expenses, you can save more at a quick rate.

Do you have any better idea to add to this list? If yes, please share them with us.

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