Process Heaters

How Process Heaters Are Useful for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Process heaters are mainly used for the commercial and industrial manufacturing processing. There are different kinds of process heaters available in the market like cartridge heater, air heater, coil heater, ceramic band heater, silicon rubber heater and tubular heaters.  You should know the perfect usage of the same so that the heaters can be efficiently utilized without any mistakes or flaws. In this respect, suitable process-heating elements should be essentially known in order to determine that whether the heaters will serve the concerned purposes or not.

If correct heating elements are chosen, then only optimum usage of process heaters can be ensured along with the preservation of productivity. The usage can be easily decided on the basis of heater types and thus it is very important to know the types first.

Various types of heaters

1. Cartridge heaters: These kinds of process heaters are quite special as they can be availed at various configurations and diameters. The ceramic bands of these heaters can easily process the huge amount of industrial heating and it can provide up to 450-degree Celsius heating to your commercial processing unit. Along with that, the robust technology and the nickel chromium material of these heaters can provide you better longevity.

2. Coil heaters: Some of the most popular applications of these heaters are tube extrusion, wafer processing, pipe forming, hot-runner distribution-plates, cutting and sealing jaws and bars especially for machine packing, small-manifold heating, semiconductor manufacturing, hot-runner brushings and nozzles, hot-metals creating punches and dyes and others. These heaters are most economical heaters which are designed with mica robust technology, and these heaters can provide you excellent insulation system with high power and heating facility.

3. Band heaters: Currently, plastic industry is using these heaters extensively. These heaters are quite cost-effective in nature and this is one of the main reasons for the highest usage of the same. Moisture and electrical shocks can be highly resisted. Heat distribution can be consistently and accurately made by nickel or chromium wires of these heaters.

4. Ceramic band heaters: Different kinds of cylindrical items can be efficiently and thoroughly heated by means of these heaters. They are 100% flexible as a result of which cut-outs and holes can be easily accommodated wit varied termination styles. The ceramic fiber jacket of these heaters can reduce maximum power consumption level. Those who look for some specific sized heaters for their commercial units and if you want to use the heaters at less electricity then you can choose the ceramic band heaters.

Process Heaters
Process Heaters

Different types of process heaters that are mostly used for small scale industries:

1. Air heaters: These heaters serve as the best solution for different industrial applications like plastic laminating, welding, drying, heat sealing, heat staking, and other related applications. Maximized heat transfer is very much possible with these kinds of heaters.

2. Tubular heaters: They have got the highest versatility and this is why they can be used for serving multiple industrial applications of the era. Mechanical flexibility and fabrication can be efficiently undertaken by these heaters. The heating process can be easily integrated and designed so that heaters can be effectively assembled without involving any trouble.

3. Silicone rubber heaters: Mechanical shocks or vibrations can be easily resisted by means of these heaters. Therefore, any industrial applications involving these shocks or vibrations can make optimum usage of these heaters. Different accidental troubles or issues can be effectively tackled or prevented with the protective usage of these heaters. Different industrial projects can be now easily controlled by involving the correct usage of these kinds of powerful and flexible process heaters.

The above types will enable you to know the perfect usages of process heaters. Therefore, now you can choose the right type as per the industrial purpose.

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