Interesting And Useful Facts About The Sports Court Construction

If a person has a large backyard at home, he may prefer to build a tennis or badminton court there so that his children can play there. The court construction is not an easy affair for any builder, as certain regulations need to be maintained that are imposed by the local civic authority. Different types of courts need to be constructed for specific sports events, like tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, and volleyball court. Multi-sport courts can also be constructed, according to the needs of house owners. Sport Court is an ideal place where teams form, friendships grow and champions start, it’s easy and cost-effective to create a safe place for your family to laugh, play, and build a lifetime of memories.

Important Facts Regarding the Sports Court Construction

  • Suitable size for sports court: House owners often enquire about the builders about the ideal size of their backyards needed for court construction. However, this depends on the type of sport to be played on the proposed court and the amount of free space available within the premises. The budget of the house owner is another factor in this regard.
  • Size of court for each sport: An ideal tennis court measures to be 60 feet x 120 feet, which can reduce to a size of 50 feet x 100 feet. The measurement of a basketball court should be 84 feet x 50 feet at residential houses while it goes up to 94 feet x 55 feet on a professional level. However, one can opt for a multi-sport court that should be ideally 28 feet x 46 feet or even more.
  • The smallest size of a court:  Usually, expert builders suggest building a sports court of size 50 feet x 42 feet. However, space constraint is a serious issue for most house owners and they have to be content with a court of 28 feet x 43 feet size, where the three-point line can be created. However, it is still the size of a swimming pool or a large garage housing 4 – 5 cars.
  • The time needed for construction: Normally, a backyard of average size needs nearly 3 days for preparation of the ground. Then the court construction work takes 1 – 3 days according to the size of the court, as the building materials need to be installed and settled all over the ground surface. The line painting over the prepared court also takes a day for drying the paint.
  • The longevity of a sports court: Generally, well-known builders offer a 15-year warranty on any sports court constructed by them. However, it is seen that a play court can last more than 25 years if maintained properly and regularly. So it may be a lifetime expense for a house owner to construct a sports court in his backyard.
  • Colour options for court surface: The builders offer a lot of choices to their clients regarding the colours and designs for court construction. Some house owners prefer the sports court to match the rest of the property while some people want their sports courts in the symbolic colours of their favourite sports teams. It is best to ask builders about the range of colours available for this purpose, from where a suitable shade can be chosen.
  • Cost for the construction of a court: The total cost for constructing a sports court depends on several factors. One needs to take into account the proposed size of the court, required accessories fitted into it, and the prep work needed at the site, for estimating the exact price for this job. Usually, builders visit the home of their clients before giving fixed quotes for court construction. For cleaning simply use a broom, leaf blower, or hose to keep the top surface free of debris also an annual inspection cleaning is an ideal way of maintaining your sport court.

There are many advantages to constructing a sports court rather than playing over the usual concrete floor. The surface of a well-designed court offers more safety while playing, as it decreases sudden shock and incidents of injuries. Moreover, the performance of a professional player can be enhanced due to a sports court construction, which provides better friction and swifter ballaresponses. It’s also most cost-effective a Sport Court installed in your backyard offers the opportunity to get regular exercise and socialize with friends and family at the same time.

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