How to Build Barn Style Shed – Step by Step Process

Barns were usually built by farmers to keep their herd of animals. A shed is what we have in our gardens to keep garden tools etc. People often put their own efforts to build it in their vicinity. Before design the barn style sheds, you need to maintain few things such as you have to take permission from local municipal authority and you need to sketch out the plan for these sheds first. Then you need to build the floor plan and install the sheds with proper supporting structures.

How to design barn style shed?

# Understand Legal Requirements

There are certain limits set up by law to construct these barns. Hence once you have decided on which style of bard shed you wish to build, you must be aware of all the legal requirements before building it. It includes that you must have certain distance around shed or you must build a certain depth of concrete floor beneath. It is better to discuss the same with an architectural engineer and they will suggest you the right process for building a barn style shed. Apart from that, they can also design the blue-print of the shed and you need to approve this design from your local municipal authority. 

# Map the plan and collect the material

You must map your barn style shed’s structure and collect the material per it. Material may include joists, floor decking, wall studs and plates, trusses, exterior siding, roofing sheets, roofing felt, asphalt shingles, double door and trims. Also, you would require appropriate amounts of screws, nails, stain, putty, hinges, latches, tar paper and asphalt shingles.

Tools would include Safety gloves, glasses, Miter saw, jigsaw, Chalk line, tape measure, spirit level, carpentry pencil, Drill machinery and drill bits, Router, 1/4” round bit – optional, Power mixer, Wheelbarrow, shovel, post digger, Ladder. So, it is better to hire a contractor to build barn style shed because if you want to build it by yourself then you need to arrange so many tools and equipments. But if you hire the contractor, then they will design your bard sheds at minimum cost. 

Barn Style Shed
Barn Style Shed

# Lay the foundation right

In case you wish to build a permanent structure then you must develop a thick concrete floor beneath over which you should start the construction. And if you want just a structure which you will be moving now and then, then you must lay few sheets of concrete floor to build your barn style shed over it. This will help to keep the structure sturdy and avoid any kind of fall outs in near future. 

# Build the floor plan and frame

Build the floor frame of the shed using joists. This frame will support the heavy items that you shall store in this barn style shed. Next you attach the plywood sheets over these frames and fix them with screws and nails. You must drill in the nails around the frame and corner of the sheets.

Next you must build walls of the barn shed on the ground and secure them into place, build the side walls and place the wooden studs. Align the wall on both the ends and check the level is correct using spirit level and then lock them tightly using braces. Then drill nails and screws into bottom plate. In the same manner install all the four walls.

You need to cut the rafters at right angles and join them together. Drill in the nails through the rafter while leveling the trusses. Trusses have only two components hence need to be cut accurately in exactly same sizes or else you will face difficulty in installing the roofing sheets.

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