All You Need to Know About Eco Yoga Mat

Yoga is a physical exercise coerced with breathing techniques, which leads its origin from ancient India. Yoga is a Sanskrit term referring to an “association”. The association of the human body, its movements with the right kind of posture and breathing can rightly be termed as yoga. Although there are different variations of yoga in the contemporary world, the core essence of yoga and its benefits remains the same – a healthy and happy way of living. While practicing yoga, one needs to maintain a proper posture and this is only possible if you have the right supporting accessories like eco yoga mats.

What is a Yoga Mat?

Yoga Mat is the mat on which yoga is performed, which usually is a rubber or PVC mat, which comes with a bag to carry. There are several types of Yoga Mats being used, generally available in different forms, colors, and materials. However, the core idea of using a mat is to resist the body from ground-touch to save the energy and heat from getting grounded. Moreover, the mats are designed in a way that provides proper grip while you try to balance your body in a different yoga posture.


Eco Yoga Mat
Eco Yoga Mat

PVC yoga mats are very common, but they do come with a health hazard. These are made of petroleum, which gives plastic its flexibility and resilience but has major health and environmental hazards. Besides, it cannot be recycled, and the material has been found to leak chlorine, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals into soil and air over time. Therefore, there is a growing demand for eco yoga mats which are made up of material that are safe for the environment and provide the same comfort to the people. Eco yoga mats are easily available in stores and are inexpensive.

So, how can you best find a balance between your love for yoga and your desire to be benign on Mother Earth? For starters:

  • Make sure your yoga purchases are made with environmentalism and preservation in mind. Buy only eco yoga mats for your practices
  • Shop for items made of sustainable materials like jute, bamboo, cork, or tree rubber eco yoga mat
  • Congregate information on the companies that are dedicated to producing eco yoga mats without harming the environment because well, there are a ton!

What are the major benefits of using an eco-yoga mat?

  • They are non-toxic and better for the planet and your health
  • They deliver improved performance (in comparison with PVC yoga mats)
  • They are stylish and look beautiful
  • They are durable, resilient and long-lasting
  • They can be recycled while buying a new one, as they are made from a renewable resource
  • Its closed-cell construction prevents germs from absorbing into the mat
  • They provide excellent grip and firm cushioning for stability
  • They offer extremely good traction – even in a heavy sweat
  • There are no chemical additives used in its production
  • They are highly tactile and have a pleasantly natural surface to practice on
  • They have a superior non-slip grip
  • They are anti-bacterial, automatically making it a rather hygienic option as it avoids bad smells from all the sweating
  • They are skin-friendly as opposed to a chemically heavy and toxic PVC mat
  • They are backed with an all-natural tree rubber base that ensures it sticks to the floor and stays flat instead of bunching up
  • The open-celled natural tree rubber creates an ideal cushion that is both comfortable and gives a soft feeling

Conclusion- With numerous high-quality eco-friendly yoga mats in the market and their many advantages. By switching to eco yoga mats you not only do good for the environment but at the same time, you also give back to the environment.

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