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5 Steps to Make an Easy Move

If it is useful to have to make a move it is to realize all the belongings that you have accumulated over time. Suddenly you seem to have many books, too many clothes, enough decorative objects, and enough furniture. Moving everything to a new space is not a simple task and implies time, money, some specific knowledge, and will. Therefore, from JDL Deconstruction “house removals Brisbane” we want to give you some keys to make a move quickly and easily:

#1. What Are You Going to Take

Making a move is not just about moving everything you have from one house to another. The first step in this moment of transition is to organize your belongings, get rid of unusable objects and junk, evaluate what you want to keep, what you need to renovate and if everything fits in the new home.

You must value the space and leave behind the furniture that surely will not fit, as well as those you want to change. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary expenses in moving them if you are finally going to have to dispose of them. If it is in good condition, you can choose to sell, recycle or donate everything you are going to leave behind.

#2. How Can You Store Objects and Furniture

Once it’s decided what you have to move, it’s time to start packing everything. Start by identifying what will not be necessary to pack, such as furniture and other larger belongings that do not run the risk of spoiling when moving. Second, think of the best way to organize the packing of your belongings.

For example, you can store the items by stay, so that it is easy to identify later where you will have to unpack each box, or you can organize them by family: Books, clothes, decoration, kitchen utensils, etc. Get sturdy boxes, duct tape and bubble wrap with which to cover the most delicate objects. Another trick can be to distribute fragile items between clothing boxes, sheets, and towels so that these cushion possible blows during the journey.

As you pack, make an inventory of each box, suitcase, and furniture to avoid losses and carelessness, and to later falsify the organization of your new space.

#3. Who Can Help You

If the move is small and you have friends or family that can help you with the transfer, you can organize several shipments according to the vehicles and people available. However, the best help you can find is that of professionals with experience in all types of removals, who have specialized vehicles of different sizes, adapted to all kinds of needs.

You also have to consider the accessibility of the buildings of departure and arrival, since if they do not have an elevator or the staircase is very narrow, it may be necessary enough insight to transport the heavier and larger furniture, or failing that, the use of A lifting crane.

#4. How Much the Move Can Cost

If you need to rent a van or hire a moving company, request at least three different budgets from companies that work in your area, offer guarantees and have good references. To compare prices, pay special attention to what they include: packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, insurance, etc.

#5. Other Aspects to Consider

Making a movie is not a single day’s task and it will most likely take you several days to complete it, so try to take vacations or days off to organize, make the move, put things in the new house and even get some rest!

In the case of not having a professional service, it is advisable to take out insurance for cases of loss, damage or even theft, which covers your valuables.

Do not forget to notify in advance of the change of address to the services you have contracted to stop receiving notifications in the old house, and thus avoid both losses of information and trips to collect the mail.

In short, planning, forecasting, and organization are the allies of an easy move. If you want to know more about how to make a move or meet transport companies in your area, do not hesitate to ask for help from the best professionals in JDL Deconstruction.

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