Custom Size Plus Dresses

How To Make The Right Custom Size Plus Dresses

Gone are the days when you had to hide in bulky dresses and look at yourself with shame because you were plus size women. You can now embrace yourself and your body with the right kind of clothing.   You can choose too for custom plus size dresses that will suit you and make you look stylish and confident.  If you have any doubts about making the right kind of dress for you whether for any special occasion or for daily wear you have come to the right place. In this article, we have bought you some tips that will help in making the right kind of Custom size plus dresses for your body shape and size. So what are we waiting for let’s begin.

Gone are the days of plus size women hiding behind unflatteringly oversized dresses. The new wave of body positivity has helped women embrace their curves. The right kind of clothing can make the plus size women look stylish and feel confident. If you are running out of ideas how to prepare the right kind of dress for a special occasion, here are some useful tips to make the cut:

Custom Size Plus Dresses
Custom Size Plus Dresses

Determine your body shape: It is very important that the custom plus size dress should be as per the shape of the body. Apple shaped means your top is heavy, pear-shaped means your bottom is heavy and hourglass are three main body types. You can also have a round shaped body that means you have weight all over the body. So before you decide to customize your dress understand your shape and see what will look good on you. Idea is to design a dress that may hide your fat.

Custom plus size dresses should correspond to the shape of your body. There are four body types such as pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass and round-shaped. If you have an apple-shaped body, your top is heavy. If you have a pear-shaped body, your bottom is heavy. An hourglass figure is considerably appealing while a round-shaped body means that the weight is distributed uniformly. You should have a detailed knowledge of your shape to understand what looks best on you. The idea is to design a dress that hides your problem areas.

 For example:

  • You should select top wear with plunging necklines and empire waistline if you are heavy on the top and you can go for v or u shape necklines.
  • You should choose cut skirts that fall down the waist if you have a heavy bottom.
  • Cover your midriff and accentuate the bust line if you have a heavy waist.

Choose the right Colors:  Oversized people mostly prefer dark colors but you can also go for a monochrome look. You can make dresses of one single color no matter if it is light or dark.  A dress made of a single color will make you look slimmer and way smarter.  You can choose colors like red, blue and gold.  Or you can mix the different shades of two colors from the same family e.g. you can mix pink and red.

Mind the embellishments: Plus size women think that adding embroidery or embellishments will make them look fat but it is quite the opposite. Proper use of embellishments can make you look slimmer and hotter. You can use bright colored embroidery to highlight the attractive parts of your body.

Play smart with patterns: large patterns should be avoided in custom plus size dresses.  Medium and small-sized patterns go well with plus size women. Vertical designs look better in such cases than horizontal lines  because the latter make you look heavier.

Choose the right fabric: it is very important that you select the right kind of fabric for yourself. There is a wide range of fabrics available in the market for plus size women. You can choose from georgette, crepe, chiffon, net, soft silk and satin because they are soft and don’t get swollen up when wearing.  You should not wear stiff fabrics like tussah silk, cotton and velvet as they are bad choices for obese people. This kind of fabrics make you look heavier.

Fit is important: You will need to make sure that custom plus size dresses are well-fitted.  You should ensure to give correct measurements to get the correct size.  Loose or tight dresses will make you uncomfortable and feel bad. Don’t go for multiple layers as they will make you look broader. Don’t think that larger size will conceal the flaws and make you look slimmer I but it will only make you look awkward.

We all have a secret designer inside us. Hopefully, the aforesaid tips will help you unleash your creative genius.

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