Questions you should ask your flagpole supplier before purchasing

Even a few years back, business owners and individuals got perturbed about finding the best flagpoles. Today, finding and buying one has become very easy! You need to browse online, and you can find several service providers and flagpole suppliers waiting to do business with you.

While this has made the chase easy, it has also added a few concerns! It is true that online suppliers provide the best deals and offers. However, it is essential to determine whether they provide the best products or not. If not, then your investment isn’t worth it. Also, if you wish to purchase discounted and affordably priced flagpoles, you need to find reputed stores. To know more on this, you can check out Residential flag poles for sale online.

But before you make the final purchase, you need to ask a few questions to your flagpole supplier.

What is the manufacturing place?

Start by asking the place where the commercial or residential flagpole gets manufactured. You can ask the supplier to be specific and provide you with exact details. Later you can Google the details to check the authenticity.

What are the types of flagpoles they specialize in?

You might need a commercial flagpole presently. But it is always better to check the other flagpole variants they manufacture and supply. It will help you with your future needs. Also, a supplier that has been specializing in commercial, residential and telescopic flagpole in wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, bronze alloy, and other metals, is undoubtedly one of the leaders in this category. It’s a wise decision to purchase your flagpole from an expert supplier.

What is the price with and without discounts?

Check about the flagpole pricing. Ask whether the supplier usually provides the products at a discounted price or there are occasional promo codes that you need to use, to claim your promotional offer. Also, check the price range before and after the discount. If it’s very low compared to the average market place, think twice! You surely don’t want to pay for a substandard flagpole.

How can you choose the flagpole size?

The majority of the flagpoles get selected depending primarily on the visual aspects. One of the standard processes is to obtain a visual idea about the flagpole height. For this, you can attack kite string with a helium balloon. Allow the balloon to be there where you wish to hoist the flag and calculate the string length. That will provide you with an appropriate flagpole length.

Does the flagpole supplier commit on durability and warranty?

Irrespective of the amount that you pay for the flagpole, you need to make sure it is worth your investment. Hence, you need to check the durability of the flagpole before you pay up. Additionally, ask details about the product warranty and check if that caters to your requirement. For instance, few suppliers of telescoping flagpole offer a limited manufacturer warranty. It states the possibility of natural wear and tear. But then if you find that the interlocking sleeves of the flagpole are withering, demand for a replacement from the supplier.

There are many questions that you can ask your flagpole supplier to ensure whether you are making the correct investment! You can start with these five questions mentioned above and keep adding based on your choice and requirement.

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