4 Efficacious tips to deliver unbelievable Customer Service

For companies, nothing is more valuable than customers because they are the factor that maintains the stability of the business. That’s why business owners always try to win customers’ hearts.

However, winning customers’ loyalty and trust isn’t an easy goal to achieve as it is vitally important to offer high-quality products and services. For rendering unmatched inbound call center services, business owners generally take the help of BPO firms.

To live up to clients’ expectations, BPO firms offer unparalleled support service during customer interaction. The factors that help BPO organisations in continuously delivering quality customer service are avant-garde technology and vast industrial experience.

However, companies that are handling support requests on their own can also deliver unbelievable customer service by simply taking the following pointers into consideration.      


  • Focus on AHT should be reduced


Do you know why businesses fail to provide prodigious inbound call center services? No? Well, they mostly focus on reducing the AHT (average handle time) so that maximum customer service queries could be handled. We know that it sounds fine, but believe us this isn’t good at all.

This is so because whenever support agents put their most of the focus in concluding support service interactions, they often fail to solve issues from the root. Because of this, customers have to make contact again and again for the resolution of the same problem. This, as a negative consequence, affects customer experience and raises questions on business’s credibility.

Therefore, if you are running an in-house call centre and willing to surpass customers’ expectations, make FCR (first contact resolution) the first priority instead of AHT.


  • Bring the average hold time down


Generally, every B2B call centre strives to reduce the average hold time so that unbelievable customer service could be delivered. This factor cannot be neglected because customers often get irked when they have to wait for a long period of time to get the desired resolutions.

From the customers’ point of view, average hold time should be zero. But this isn’t possible because there are high chances that intricate glitches can consume extra time to get solved.

To save the business’s brand image, it is imperative to reduce average hold time as less as possible so that customers (that are waiting in a queue) get a chance to speak with support agents sooner. As a positive consequence, this would lift customer experience, which automatically reduces the percentage of negative WOM.

Here are a few tips to shrink the average hold time:

  • Manage the workforce according to the volume of customer service queries.
  • Provide state-of-the-art technology to support agents so that knotty issues could be solved quickly.
  • Train support agents properly so that general queries get solved in no time.

Note: Average hold time should be reduced, but not at the cost of customer service quality.     


  • Enhance the quality of call scripts  


Scripts play a very important role in providing stupendous inbound call center services. By using scripts, support agents can perfectly answer all the questions asked by customers. Consequently, this leads to a meaningful dialogue, which, in turn, results in the deliverance of remarkable customer service.

To continuously offer impeccable support experience, BPO firms try to come up with perfect call scripts. For the same reason, the following measures get taken during the script creation process.

  • Unnecessary questions get removed to shorten the length of call scripts.
  • Suggestions get solicited from support agents so that better changes could be made into scripts.
  • All the topics get organised according to the keywords.
  • New questions get added to scripts after monitoring customer service interactions.

Henceforth, if you are an owner of a business and want to offer dazzling support service to customers on your own, enhance the quality of call scripts as reputed BPO firms do.


  • Manage support requests perfectly


To deliver magnificent customer service, it is significant to manage support requests perfectly. For this, it is vital to provide the same level of support service across all the customer service channels.

However, companies that run an in-house call cell centre generally optimize those support channels which are currently experiencing the footfall of customers. Because of this, the problem of mismanagement of queries doesn’t get solved, which indirectly reduces the odds of providing quality customer service.

Therefore, it is highly important to optimise all the support channels as that’s the only way to manage queries effectively and provide prodigious customer service.

Wrapping up:    

In this customer-driven world, it is imperative to offer phenomenal support service as that’s the best way to keep business’s credibility secured. By writing this blog, we have given 4 crucial tips that would definitely help businesses (that are running an in-house call centre) in providing quality customer service.

Thanks for staying till the end!!

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