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Easy Care Tips for Myopia or Short-Sightedness

Myopia is an eye problem wherein you face the problem in seeing the near objects that is why it is also referred to as nearsightedness. If any person is facing myopia, there are lots of ways to overcome it. You can go for glasses or even lenses as advised by your eye specialist. Sometimes a little care and exercise can help you to overcome myopia to a large extent. Although many optometrists propose for glasses, some simple lifestyle habits can actually help people get rid of a problem like myopia. With myopia, the problem is that that the eye is too long and the light focuses on the retina which makes it difficult for people to concentrate on far objects.

What are The Features of Myopia? How do People with Myopia Feel?

1. Reduce the near work activities – As myopia is associated with near sightedness, therefore it is necessary that the same is reduced. If your kids use mobile phones, make sure they stop using the same. Give them a little break after every half an hour so that they can relax. Even eyes need some rest so that it does not feel tired and irritated. Encourage your child to get into viewing far objects for about 3 to 5 minutes. 

2. Go for outdoor activities – If kids are more into indoor games, TV or mobiles it is high time you encourage them to play outside. This is because of the simple reason that their overall health will improve and at the same time will be able to combat myopia too.

3. Regular checkup – Most of the people tend to neglect this fact and due to which the condition gets worst. Therefore it is essential that you go for a regular check-up from your eye specialist so that you know how the progress is. The guidance of an eye specialist in case of myopia is necessary. You need to follow their advice and even take the medicines on time as prescribed by them. All this will definitely make a difference to your vision and it will improve day by day. Myopia can also be the effect of a constant eye infection or any injury done to the corneal cells. This induces short-sightedness for a long time in life, especially if there is an injury during the growing up years.

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4. Go for eye exercises – Get up early morning and do some eye exercises. This is yet another way to combat myopia. For this, you can either take the help of the internet and learn a few eye exercises or even ask your specialist for the same. They will be able to guide you on how the exercise needs to be done correctly. So doing it on a regular basis will help a lot and will increase your near vision too. This is how you can boost your vision by just following the simple exercises. 

5. Healthy habits – There are a lot of healthy habits you need to bring into your life. For example, while reading or writing make sure there is enough light in the room or the place where you are sitting. Put less pressure on your eyes no matter what work you are doing. Wash your eyes regularly with clean water and use eye drops after it.

So bringing in these small changes in your daily life you can fight myopia. Also, it will help to lessen down the symptoms and make sure your vision gets better day by day. Do follow the above tips and in a few days, you will be able to see a difference. Myopia is easy to tackle if proper care is taken and the doctor’s advice is taken.

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