Dry Eye Clinic

Things You Should Remember Before Choosing A Dry Eye Clinic

The problem related to the dry eye has surged in the last few years. Factors like longer exposure to digital screens, inappropriate diet plans etc. majorly contribute to the issue. Particularly in the youth population, this problem is prevalent. Hence, more and more people are in quest of finding a right dry eye clinic which can resolve this issue fairly.

Finding a reliable health care provider is a hard task nowadays. While you can find all relevant information on any digital platform quickly, finding an experienced doctor who can diagnose your dry eye issues correctly is not that easy.

Following is a checklist for finding the right dry eye clinic:

Dry Eye Clinic
Dry Eyes
  • Eyes being the sensitive part of your body need to be treated carefully. For dry eyes, a specialist needs to be consulted to address the issue. A correct diagnosis is imperative to fix the issue early.
  • The Doctor of Optometry should be experienced.
  • The doctor should listen to your concerns patiently and refer to the medical history.
  • Different dry eye issues call for different treatments which need to be tailored as per the requirements. A right dry eye clinic will ensure that the patient shall be able to explain her/his problems as well as any history related to the same. Each and every symptom must be given due consideration and based on their unique clinical finding, a treatment should be implemented.
  • Clinics must have relevant equipment to image your tear lipid layer.
  • For a successful treatment, evaporation plays a major role as dry eye consists of an evaporative component to the extent of 70%. So, a doctor should be able to understand the role of evaporation efficiently to suggest a correct diagnosis.
  • Successive evaluation at each stage of your treatment.
  • A right diagnostic tool should be available in the clinic to evaluate the improvement in your treatment. Even before the initiation of a therapy, a baseline to measure such progressions must be adopted that can effectively keep a track of the progress.
  • A holistic approach to alter your lifestyle.
  • The poor lipid layer causes frequent dry eye thus the lifestyle as well as the diet of an individual plays a vital role in improving the conditions. Your tear layer function will improve gently with the oily tear secretions and speedy recovery of dry eyes.
  • Prescriptions including medications (even steroids): There is usually an underlying inflammation in case of dry eye which needs to be treated effectively. Anti-allergic eye drops and steroids may provide relief to the inflammatory issues. An optometrist is expected to prescribe the appropriate medication depending upon the severity of the problem.
  • Ensuring blinking rehabilitation: With improved blink quality, the problem of dry eye can be diagnosed efficiently. Usually, the blink muscles which lie around the eyes atrophy and gradually the blinking habits embedded, change. If these muscles are retrained, it can lead to brilliant results.
  • Prescribing eye-drops which are preservative-free: Due to mass production of eye-drops, it has been generally observed that most eye-drops come with preservatives which elevate the inflammation in eye-drops. Hence a specialized doctor can only prescribe such eye-drops which are preservative-free.
  • Beside this, a good dry eye clinic should have experienced staff as well. The eyewear offered by the clinic must be of high quality. A clinic which ensures the highest level of eye care should be preferred.  If you know any person who already underwent a treatment from a specific eye care clinic, you should not hesitate in approaching them to know their experience.

Newest technology, experienced and professional staff and latest types of equipment form the core of a good eye care clinic.

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