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What Are the Features of Automatic Blinds?

Automatic blinds or motorized blinds are one of the most innovative yet simple inventions that, unlike most appliances actually have a place in a smart home. Automation is one of the biggest revolutionary technologies that human beings have come up with during the latter half of the 17th century, though it was not implemented in our daily lives till the 20th century. As of now in the 21st century, home automation seems to be the new trend.

Automatic blinds have flooded the current market:

Currently, automatic blinds are being sold by several windows covering companies along with the standard wood and plastic blinds. While the motorized blinds are relatively quite expensive as compared to the standard blinds, but due to the competition in a free market system, their prices have dropped significantly.

  • Though, this price largely depends on whether you purchase a low-end motor or a high-end motor. However, despite being motor operated, automatic blinds are actually safer than normal corded blinds. Since our technology has become more advanced, unlike 7 years ago, when automatic blinds could only be controlled by the panels on the wall or through a controller.
  • Automatic blinds help you carry out with your activity without being bothered by dust, incoming wind, and rain. Most companies have modified their automatic blinds to synchronize with a “sun sensor” that alerts you and lets you activate your blinds in accordance.
  • There are several advantages of having automated/motorized blinds and different companies will provide you with different styles, fabrics, colors, and types of motors to meet your personal preferences.

Advantages of Automatic blinds:

Automatic Blinds 
Automatic Blinds
  • Convenience: It is unarguably troublesome and awkward to constantly open and close each and every window in your home; specially, if your windows are bigger than the average ones. It is even more inconvenient to do so if you work at or manage a hotel. The sheer number of windows can be tiring to manage manually. By installing these automatic blinds, now you can control them remotely with your smart phone, even when you are not at home. It allows you to spend time with your loved ones without anyone ruining your time together.
  • Savings: Automatic blinds can save your time and energy and these days, most automatic blinds actually cost a little less than manually operated roller blinds; hence also saving a bit of your money. Besides, home automation is only successful if each of your devices manages to save your money, which these blinds do.
  • Fun & Safety: It is important to note that UV rays can and will damage your furniture; something that ALL automatic blinds in the market currently can protect your home from. The sun sensor technology can sense sunlight hitting your window at a certain angle and will thus close these blinds. The lack of wires also make them safer for pets and babies.

Choosing Blinds to Fit Your Home Style:

Blinds increase the appeal of your house and protect your house from both your neighbor’s prying eyes and UVA from the sun:

  • Traditional Homes:  Whether it is a traditional house or a traditional house that has adopted a few modern traits, installing window coverings will increase the appeal of your house. A striped canvas would be excellent as an outdoor blind, while automatic blinds with monochromatic stripes or even two-tone stripes are great as interior blinds.
  • Modern Homes: Preferring a minimalistic approach, most modern houses, especially those with neutral colors go well with an outdoor” sunscreen” fabric type straight drop motorized blinds. While any motorized wire-guide blinds serve well as interior blinds.

That being said, if you are looking to buy such an impressive and versatile product, you must be willing to do a little research of your own; comparing prices and such.

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