Integrity Physiotherapy Como: Offering Treatment for Musculoskeletal Jaw Pain

A sore jaw is one of the less discussed afflictions that can lead to a trip to the Physio, yet it is a painful condition that can affect your general health as well as be causing continual discomfort. Symptoms of jaw pain include a clunking jaw joint, headaches, facial tension, chewing difficulty, and blocked ears.  These uncomfortable and painful symptoms can be greatly relieved by a visit to a Physiotherapist who can assess the reason for the pain and recommend a treatment plan. 

Dentist or Physiotherapist?

If the jaw pain is caused by grinding the teeth or other dental conditions such as a crossbite then treatment of the jaw will work best when your Physiotherapist and Dentist communicate together.  Combining massage (plus dry needling as tolerated), stretches and movement exercises from the Physio with Dentist specific treatment (such as a splint to prevent grinding the teeth at night) can be particularly effective in relieving the problem.

Stress Builds Jaw Tension

Stress creates the tension of the muscles which can result in clenched teeth and a stiff, painful jaw.  A skilled Physiotherapist can help relieve the tension through massage, acupuncture, and jaw joint mobilization as well as instructing you in techniques to help avoid stress-related muscle pain in the future.

Sinusitis and Your Jaw

Some patients have concurrent symptoms of jaw pain and what appears to be sinusitis. Sometimes a condition called temporalis tendonitis (an inflamed tendon of one of your chewing muscles) can cause sinusitis like pain over your cheekbone (zygomatic arch). As such, cheek, jaw and facial pain that feels like sinusitis but has been cleared by your GP should be checked by a Physio trained in the treatment of jaw pain and temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

Trauma to the Jaw

Car accidents commonly lead to disruption of the temporomandibular joint through whiplash and the head hitting the steering wheel or dashboard.  Damage to the jaw can also be caused by swimming in the surf, diving and of course, fighting.  Jaw rehabilitation from an experienced Physiotherapist in the jaw and facial pain will assist long-term recovery and relief of pain. Treatment will involve manual therapy and specific exercises to assist in strengthening the joint and restoring mobility.

If you’re looking for a Physio in South Perth, Integrity Physiotherapy Como has a team of Senior Physiotherapists who can offer treatment for jaw and facial pain, as well as any other aches, pains, and muscle joint conditions you may be suffering from. Conveniently located just down from the Cygnet Cinema in Preston Street, you can combine your physiotherapy treatment with a visit to one of the many Preston Street restaurants and cafes or as you pick up your groceries at the Preston St IGA, recently voted Store of the Year 2018.  Call Integrity Physiotherapy for treatment by experienced, caring Physiotherapists at this handy location.

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