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Common Car Repairing Myths Busted

There are many myths that are flying around when it comes to car repairs and it doesn’t hurt to believe them. However, there are a few that you can forget about and that you don’t need to always follow depending on your vehicle. You shouldn’t think that all myths are wrong, but you should know the common ones that aren’t true.

Oil Change Timing

The top myth about car repairs is about the timing of oil changes. The rule of thumb for oil changes is to get it done every 3,000 miles. This really depends on what vehicle you are driving and the older vehicles should definitely keep this rule in place. For the models that were built in 2008, then the advice is to have the oil changed on the car around every 7,000 miles or so rather than 3,000. Also, if the vehicle uses a diesel engine, then you can get away with it for even longer. So, it is better to consult with a reputed car repairing center in this regard and then take their suggestion for these oil changes. They will inspect your car and suggest probable issues and their solutions instantly.

Dealership Required Maintenance

You don’t always need to get your car repairs done at the dealership even if it is covered by warranty. You won’t void the warranty if you get the oil changed somewhere else or even other maintenance work. Simply keep the various receipts for the work so that you can show them to the dealers during your insurance claim. You can take care of the maintenance work yourself, which can not only save you time but also money as well. The most important thing in this area is to keep records and receipts of every maintenance work that is done on the vehicle. But it is better to go for the warranty and if you have a manufacturer’s warranty then you can save lots of amounts by availing of their own services.

High Octane Fuel

Everyone might tell you that you would have to undergo fewer car repairs on the vehicle if you use a higher-octane fuel. However, that isn’t necessarily true, because these fuels are more expensive and they are not going to improve the performance of your vehicle. All you will be seeing is more money going out of your pocket into the fuel tank for gas that isn’t going to give you higher gas mileage or any other benefits. This also means that any of the solutions to give you higher gas mileage doesn’t necessarily work either, so don’t tempt the engine with something which you don’t need.

Tire Replacement

When it comes to car repairs one of the most common myths is that when you are replacing tires you shouldn’t just replace a single one. It says that you should always change 2 of the tires, but this can vary on some criteria. You need to check the condition of the other tires and then replace the all. But if you replace the other tires last month then you do not need to change them again and you can just change the damaged tire now. You should always make sure that there are matching tires so that the vehicle will be able to function properly.

You should make sure that you are aware of the most common myths when it comes to car repairs. Apart from that, you can also avoid these myths regarding car repairs and you must consult with a reputed car repairing center to solve the issue with your car. They are experienced and they can suggest the best possible way to treat your car problems.

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