Shelter Your Car

How to Shelter Your Car Properly

A car is a prized possession and a primary means of transport for a clear majority of people. Keeping it in suitable condition is the responsibility of the owner and there are some basic steps you need to follow;

#1 Parking the Car in The Garage: The funny thing about garages is the fact that people tend to put everything there besides the car. This is a bad habit as the car is exposed to the elements, making it the worse for wear. Sunshine, rain, snow and hail wreck damage to your car. A garage offers total car shelter from these destroying elements It saves you from the cost of maintenance of the rubber tires and seals, as well as the paint on the car. In addition to this, there will be much less gathering of dust, making it easier to hose down.

#2 Covering the Car: If you do not own a garage, the next best thing you can do is to purchase a car cover of good material that withstands against the ravages of time and weather. The additional advantage of a car shelter in the form of a cover is that you can carry it with you wherever you travel, so you have a backup or temporary solution.

#3 Temperature: The garage shields your car from the extremes outside. The stable temperature allows the car to maintain its humidity level, and the roof overhead will be draft proof and leak-proof.

#4 Keep Rodents Away: They are the bane for car owners, when they find some rat has chewed through the insulation or upholstery or even the tires. Please ensure that you keep the garage rodent free and conduct routine checks for cracks and burrows.

How to Use a Car Shelter When Stranded:

You must have heard stories of people stranded in cars due to harsh weather and breakdowns. The solution to breakdown is always a car repairer kit that takes care of basic problems, and here a basic understanding of the car helps, especially if you’re with family and kids and cannot afford to be stranded for long. Try and stick to these basic rules if the weather forces you to stop.

  • Try and stay where you are within the car. Don’t wander in search of unlikely help, where chances are certain; you may lose your bearings and car shelter.
  • The heater of the car should be used for ten minutes at the most each hour and ensure that the exhaust pipe is clear when you do it. Also open a window an inch or so.
  • Avoid placing your head on any metal surface of the car, including the windows, in case you want, use some clothing or a blanket. You’ll most likely suffer if you won’t take this precaution seriously while using a car shelter.
  • In an extreme situation where you must keep the cold out at any cost, car shelter can be taken a step further if you can take out the stuffing from the car seats and put it inside socks, your pants as well as inside the sleeves of your outfit.
  • If there are no shortage of blankets, one of them can be utilized to buffer you by placing it as a partition between the back seat and the front seat. This helps to maximize the heat around you.
  • If at the beginning, you foresee that getting essential items like food from the trunk will be a problem later, see to it first and foremost!
  • Sometimes a flickering flare helps spotters to see you from a distance.

Always have a half tank of fuel while travelling, restock on the way when necessary, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a remote area without enough gas.

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