6 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Marble Gravestones

Being one of the sturdiest and the most sought after materials for gravestones, marble is a choice that most people consider. However, picking the right marble gravestones is not complicated and there are some simple things that you should keep in mind. Taking into consideration these tips is important and will ensure that the stone you set up will give a perfect resting place for your loved one. Here are some of them-


Marble Gravestones
Marble Gravestones
  1. Read the cemetery guidelines:

Even though you are buying marble gravestones there are different norms that different cemeteries follow. Hence it is imperative that you get a written document about the norms and guidelines that they follow. Since not all places have similar norms, you should read through these and check the restrictions on the size and engraving and not get involved in the hassle of buying something that cannot be used later. In particular, read through the size, material, and other restrictions to avoid these hassles.

  1. Check the plot size

Since you are already considering the option of marble gravestones, do remember to check for the size of the plot. In this reference, it must be remembered that not all of these are the same size or breadth. Make sure that you check with the plot size norms that the given cemetery follows. Also, read through the length, width, and dimensions of the stones to prevent hassles.

  1. Color of marble 

There are a lot of color options available when it comes to marble gravestones. It includes black, white and also various other colors. Being a cemetery, the headstone color should be restricted to either black or white or even a subtle shade of gray. The color aspect is important because it will also determine the type of engraving color you want. A black marble should have gray or white engraving while the white ones should have a black or darker one. Doing so will ensure that whatever is being written would be readable clearly.

Marble Gravestones
Marble Gravestones
  1. Type of marble

There are a lot of marble qualities available and hence you have to choose a type that is sustainable and lasts for years. These marble gravestones are usually there for a lifetime and you don’t want to compromise on quality and getting something that would start chipping and giving your problems. Hence go for higher quality marbles that may cost a slight more but provide you with durability.

  1. Plain or design marbles

Again, there are so many varieties of marbles available. There are some that have a lot of patterns and designs while there are others, which are on the plainer size. In this reference, consider that you are using marble gravestones to pay tribute to your loved one. So, make sure that you go for a type that is easily readable. Picking something with too many patterns would just obstruct the readability factor of your engraving. Hence, you should go for shades or patterns that do not hinder the same.

  1. Budget

One of the most critical aspects to evaluate here is the budget of your marble gravestones. This would depend on a lot of factors. A heavier, durable and better quality marble cutout would definitely cost you a little more – but in the long run, you are assured that you don’t have to worry about replacing the same for a lifetime. Then there are light-weight and more sleeker marble varieties that may chip off easily and not last that long. So, make sure that you keep these 6 factors in mind when choosing marble gravestones that would last for years to come.

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