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Various Forms of Car Window Tinting for Customizing the Look

Tinting your vehicle will definitely give it a nice and customized look. It can further offer you with a sporty look, and further help in protecting the passengers from the sun damage. Well, using car window tinting is not a difficult task, when you have experts to guide you through. The professional installer is here to apply tinting film on the car’s windows. Most of the time, this tinting is available in four significant forms. Each one of them has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is vital to understand options, before you get to choose the form of film, best suited for your help.

Focusing towards metalized window film: 

One of the important types of car window tinting is the metalized film. It comprises of various layers and the base one is associated with adhesive. It helps to bond the film with window.

  • There is another layer, used to protect passengers from harmful UV rays. It is then bonded with metalized layer for reflecting heat. It helps in darkening the windows.
  • There is another top coated protective shield, which prevents the windows from scratches. This sheet is not just effective at blocking heat and prevents it from entering the car.
  • This shield is further used for blocking glares in an effective manner. Furthermore, metalized sheets are not going to fade away with passing time, as well.

Dyed version of window film: 

Another important type of car window tinting is the dyed window version. It is manufactured by placing dye layer between protective polyester top coat and adhesive layer. It can stick perfectly with the window glass and prevents scratches and nicks.

  • It is known for its non-reflective feature, which helps in producing darkest effects of all
  • Furthermore, it is used for blocking radio waves and will not interfere with in-glass antenna
  • Moreover, it can even be used for reducing sunlight fading and blocks unwanted glare from headlights along with other bright lights.
Car Window Tinting
Car Window Tinting

More on hybrid film: 

There is another form of car window tinting available, mostly known as hybrid film. It comprises of mixed advantages of both metalized and dyed window tints. The adhesive layer helps in proper sticking, and the protective top coat is best suited to prevent scratches.

  • It can help in blocking heat and UV rays. Furthermore, it has a metalized layer, which prevents the tint from fading.
  • The metalized layer is used for increasing the durability of this chosen product and it does not even interfere with radio signals and cell phones.
  • This is a cost effective metalized film. Moreover, it helps in providing an aesthetic view to the entire vehicle.

Working on ceramic film: 

The last one of the car window tinting is the ceramic film. It is mostly available these days, and was not used previously. It has an adhesive layer, which is bonded to ceramic layer of thin coats. A top layer is used to prevent scratches and protect it, just like the other available options.

  • In case, you are willing to block heat in the most proficient manner, then this ceramic film is the best option for you. It helps in blocking UV rays and even light glares.
  • Moreover, you can use this product for allowing radio signals to pass and making it ideal for in glass antennae.
  • It is not that reflective like metalized products, making it perfect for your car windows.

These are some of the available options, when you are ready to get your window or car panes tinted.



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