Selling My Car

Steps that I followed while Selling My Car

It is needless to mention that over the last few years the demand for cars has gone up to a large extent. For those who love cars, the seduction of new models in the market is too hard to overlook. Most of the people who don’t have intention of collection of cars at a given point of time. Therefore, they opt to sell the existing car to purchase the new one. However, selling a car can be a tough job and one has to be very careful enough about the process because certain legal matters are associated with it.

Steps followed while selling the old car:

I followed certain steps while selling my car and now I own a brand new one.

  • Advertising

The initial step is to advertise the car for sale. There are many websites available on which you can easily advertise your car. That’s what I did. However, I did it completely free of cost. I took a picture of my car and uploaded it on a free classifieds site. I highlighted that my car was only two and a half years old with excellent fuel efficiency as well as comfortable leg space. Now a day’s people are more concerned about the fuel consumption and comfort zone while buying the car So, while selling my car I specially emphasized on these two points. These above mentioned points only grab the attention of the potential buyers and then I was able to sell my car easily.

  • Finalizing the deal

After advertising the car for sale, people started showing interest in the deal and I chose the one who was offering the best price. Moreover, the buyer lives just a block away and I can sometimes see my beloved car. It took us four sessions to finalize the deal as I was expecting a bit higher price and he was trying to save something. However, finally we were able to reach a consensus, I got a bit more and he was also able to save a substantial amount. Once the deal was finalized everything went smoothly.

  • Completing the paperwork

After finalizing the deal, I just want to complete the paper work in order to fulfill all the legal formalities. Completing the paperwork in a proper way was something that I emphasized on. Purchase and sell of cars involve certain legal formalities and all the formalities should be taken care of in a proper way. I took extra initiative to complete the paperwork and it was done in a few days. I informed the registration department that I had sold my car. This is essential because as long as the name of the owner is not changed all the responsibilities of the car falls on that person, even if he has sold it long ago. While selling my car I filled up the relevant forms and submitted them to the competent authorities.

So it’s my advice for the people who want to sell their products can check in for online websites and can post their advertisement free of cost. This would help them take their car directly to thousands of buyers. It is to be kept in mind that while selling a car, one has to be very careful regarding the choice of the buyer. A sale on cash is always the best option. Those who are willing to accept bank cheques should release the car only after the amount has been cleared. While selling my car I was extra cautious because I never wanted to leave any lose end. I earned quite a good amount by selling the car. I used that money to buy a new one. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of online platforms where one can post an advertisement regarding cars and so choosing the best is most essential in order to get the best response.

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