How To Maintain The Car Air Conditioning System? 

Having a regular servicing of the car air conditioning system will give the passenger enhanced comfort even during the hot summer months.  The air conditioning system is not a machine which just blows cold air inside the vehicle. Rather it is designed in such a way that it will also remove heated air accumulated inside the cabin to the outer atmosphere. The car air conditioning system depends on multiple components to work effectively. These are the compressors, condenser and the evaporator. These components if worn out can break down the ac unit.  Hence the car air conditioning system needs care and maintenance.

Car Air Conditioning
Car Air Conditioning

Tips for maintaining a car air conditioning system: 

There are some very common tips which can be used to ensure that the car air conditioning system is at its best shape and keeps running without any trouble for a long period. These steps are simple, and you can follow them in an easy manner.

  1. Run once in every week: If you keep the car air conditioning system off for long days or months the compressor may become damaged. The machine should hence be run once every week for 10 minutes at the minimum. The varied valves, hoses, and pumps get the lubrication it needs as a result of this practice. At least once in a year, you must get the car serviced entirely along with the AC unit. If necessary, the mechanic might inspect the level of refrigerant. Since the air conditioning does not come with a logbook often servicing the machine gets neglected.
  2. Use of the defrost mode: Defrost mode if used for around ten minutes will clean up all the moisture content which piles up inside the cabin if it is not used for long. At times if the car is parked under the sun for long hours you can see moisture built up.
    Car Air Conditioning
    Car Air Conditioning
  3. Do not forget using the car AC in the winter: Most of the users don’t use the air conditioner in the winter season. This is for obvious reasons. However, if you use the car air conditioning system in the winter season it will eliminate the fog and moisture accumulated inside the car.
  4. Recharge the car air conditioning system: A regular car air conditioning will also give you the right information about the status of the gas and lubricants used in the machine.  If there is a requirement for a recharge, then it can be made right on time if the inspection of the car is done regularly. This will also reduce the risk of damaging your air conditioning system of the car.
  5. Servicing of the air conditioner in time: The air conditioning system should go through a proper in-depth servicing at regular intervals. An in-depth servicing will cover the inspection of the internal components of the car air conditioning system. If they detect there is any problem, they will fix it. They will also go for a thorough cleanup of each and every internal air conditioning system component. Most of the manufacturing companies provide this service. Do check the reputation of the service provider to avail the best service.
  6. Handle the air conditioning unit carefully: The air conditioning system of the car should never be handled roughly. The car manufacturer will give you sufficient guidance about the right ways to use the car AC unit.

It is imperative that you must always keep a car air conditioning service provider readily available for any kind of sudden break downs. With a regular servicing of the car air conditioning system, you will incur fewer repair costs. Having the cooling system in its best shape is of paramount importance for every car owner.

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