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Precautions Before Hiring an Emergency Plumber!

Any plumbing emergency either in our kitchen, bathroom, at any other water outlets or in the clogged drains, require the emergency plumber services. Such situations can happen at any time and you may want to call an emergency plumber to fix the problem immediately. But, remember 24-hour plumbers charge hefty fees for handling the emergency plumbing situation. Hence, it is crucial to analyze the magnitude of the problem beforehand. If it is not urgent and can wait until the next morning office hours, you can save few bucks.

Here is an easy guide that will help you to analyze the situation and handle any of the emergency plumbing troubles efficiently:

1. ASSESS the Urgency of The Repair.

At times plumbing situations may seem grave, but, in reality, some simple DIY tips might help you to get out of the panic situation. You may not be capable to handle tough plumbing projects alone, but small clogs and leaks can, often, be fixed without calling in the professionals.

Tip 1: ‘A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE’, so if you find a dripping tap, slow passage of water from drains or small overflow in your tank, try to fix it the same as early as possible. You may try the DIY hacks or call the plumber as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate or ignore small issues which may later lead to emergency situations.

Tip 2: For overflowing tanks, taps or toilets, do not try to turn off the water supply from the source. Avoid using that section till the plumber arrives as a safety precaution.

Tip 3: If your drain is not completely clogged, you can either manually unclog a drain with a drain snake or try draining cleaners. At times, flushing a bucket full of water may also work!

Tip 4: There may not be any plumbing problems in your home as the water supply may have been temporarily cut off by the company due to maintenance. So, always check with the authorities before undertaking any repairs on your own.

2. DIAGNOSIS: Whether It Can Wait!

If the problem cannot be fixed by you or your plumbing company.  rely on the emergency plumber.  However, always plan well before calling the emergency services.

a. You should be ready with the facts such as what exactly the problem is and what all things you have tried at your end. Most plumbers can figure out the cause of the problem with ease after assessing the situation.

b. Make sure you have a list of questions ready before you call:

  1. What are the hourly rate charges?
  2. What are the rates for non-plumbing tasks?
  3. Is there any waiting time charge for procurement or on-site delivery of plumbing parts?
  4. What are the guarantees offered for the completed plumbing job?

3. Go Ahead to Find an Appropriate Emergency Plumber:

1. Call several plumbers and get several quotes before you schedule an actual service call; most of the emergency plumbers are expensive and thus, do remember to mention the scope of work.

2. Give specific details of the problem so that they can give you the precise estimate of the cost of the repair. Ask for an estimate of repair cost. You may be able to get a fair idea of the cost of repair and may compare various quotes.

3.  Ask for visiting charges. Often, emergency plumbers charge a hefty visiting fee just for offering their services during off-hours, even if the repair is very minor. Sometimes, the visiting fee is also absorbed in the job cost if it is a substantial repair work.


Buying your own fixtures, pipes, toilets, sinks can prove to be economical. Seek the guidance of the shop owner who may guide you correctly.


Before the plumber arrives, prepare for proper lighting and clear crowded spaces so that expensive plumber doesn’t waste valuable time doing these things

6. Remain on The Job Site During Work

Do remain within calling distance to assist the plumber. You will get a faster and better result if you guide him about main pipelines, connections, etc.

These simple tips will help you to tackle your plumbing crunches effectively and save a considerable amount of money too.

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