Scrapping A Car

How Much Do You Get for Scrapping A Car in Sydney?

If you have a car that’s ready to be put out of its misery, to be taken off the road and recycled, then you’re probably keen to know just how much you can get for scrapping your car in Sydney. What’s a reasonable amount to expect when you Sell Car for Cash Sydney? Read on to find out.

How Are Scrap Cars Valuated?

To know how much your scrap car will fetch you at the wreckers, you first need to understand how experienced Sydney Car Wreckers valuate old or scrap cars. When they buy a car for Vehicle Recycling Sydney, they look at various factors before making an offer for the vehicle. Such factors include:

  • The Weight Factor: At Paul Car Removal, we are leading Scrap Metal Dealer in the town. If a car is nothing more than a heap of metals, with no working auto parts to speak of, then it’s sole value is in its scrap metals. In such instances, cash for cars quotes are provided based on the weight of the vehicle. Typically, you will be paid on a per ton basis. How much you get will depend on the market prices for scrap metals on the given day. Since these prices are vulnerable to market fluctuations, the amount could vary from week to week.
  • The Drivability Factor: The second most important factor that is considered is the drivability – whether or not a car is in drivable condition. It should come as no surprise that a car that’s drivable will get you more money that one that’s not. This is because, a drivable car has many working auto parts. For a car wrecker, such auto parts are treasures that can be pulled, reconditioned and sold as used auto parts. Since there’s more money to be made from your working car, they will be willing to pay you more for it.

The Conclusion

While those are the two major factors that come into play in determining the scrap value of your car, other factors such as odometer reading and the year the car was manufactured may also have an effect on the price. If you are looking for an estimate, your scrap car can fetch anywhere between fifty to a couple of hundred or even a few thousand dollars. It totally depends on the condition of the car and how much value the car wrecker can get from it by wrecking and recycling it.

So, if you have a scrap car that’s reached the end of its life, then it’s time to put it to good use. Sell it to an experienced car wrecker like Paul Car Removal in Sydney and get top cash for it.

Your car sales should not be complicated, if Paul Car Removal is not your car buyer. At Paul Car Removal, we use our expertise to help auto sellers sell cars fast, paying high sums for cars in Sydney upto $9999. Contact us today for a quote. Call us at 0466 879 131.

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