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Everything You Need to Know About Unused Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are essential components of everyday office activities, being the driving force behind the thousands of pages of documents being printed in every home and office. They come in different qualities and from different manufacturers but perform the same function.

Often when there is a change of printer or a shift in the office or if you have some surplus ink cartridges in your office, then you can sell your unused cartridges to earn some money.  There are different online portals available where you can sell your unused ink cartridges at the best price, and even you can also exchange them to buy new cartridges.

What are the Ink Cartridges?

Ink cartridges, in simple words, are the storage compartment of ink in a printer. They store the ink which is used by the printing machinery to print the documents upon receiving the appropriate signal via a medium such as a computer. They are made in various designs which differ in function and efficiency. Different printers have different types of ink cartridges and you need to choose the perfect model to run your printers. If you have the short budget then you can search some unused ink cartridges online and buy them according to the number of your printers.

What to do when there are excess Ink Cartridges?

There often arises a situation in which there is an excess of ink cartridges. This can be of two types, either there is an excess of empty ink cartridges, or there is an excess of unused, filled ink cartridges.

  • Recycle: most of the used up ink cartridges are recycled for either part or for repackaging and remanufacturing. Recycling for parts involve using the usable parts from the cartridge form making new cartridges and remanufacturing involves refilling the cartridge with ink and swapping out the damaged parts with new ones and repackaging it as a new ink cartridge
  • Refilling: the second option is to refill the empty cartridge. This can be done by either refilling the cartridge with ink by the user themselves or using cheaper third-party cartridges for refilling.

Why would you use your unused ink cartridges?

Now, when it comes to unused ink cartridges, there are a number of possible options other than simply putting them in the waste.

  1. The most attractive option is to resale your unused ink cartridges to another customer, or to return the unused cartridge to a big office supply store or direct to the manufacturer in exchange for store credit or bonus points. These returned cartridges are then repackaged by the manufacturer and sold.
  2. The other option is to donate the excess or surplus unused ink cartridges to offices of various charities, churches or independent offices which run on a tight budget and are often dependent on donations. Helping them with even a small thing such as a supply of ink cartridges can go a long way in reducing their economic burden.

How to avoid accumulation of excess unused ink cartridges?

Inkjet Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges

Like most office supplies, storing excess or surplus ink cartridges is a problem which can be easily avoided by keeping in mind a few simple things.

The first thing to do is ensure a proper planning and scheduling of supplies is made in both home and office so that the exact requirement of office supply is bought, and not in excess.

The second thing to do is keep a track of regular usage of office supplies, including the usage of ink cartridges. This helps keep a track of the number of ink cartridges being used up and the number of cartridges left in stock. This avoids wastage of cartridges to a large extent and solved the problem of surplus at the end of the month or year.

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