Avail wide range of Photocopier for Rental & Lease and save Cost

Businesses today are looking for all avenues to reduce or avoid costs for themselves. They are looking for solutions which can not only reduce the total cost of ownership but also help business in increasing their productivity. So when purchasing any office utility items, they are ensuring that it gives value for money. Photocopiers have always been an essential part of any offices productivity tool and with advancement in technology many multi functional and digital photocopiers are available in market these days.

Types and Uses of a Photocopier

They come in varying sizes and copying speed varies between models. Depending on the needs and requirements of the business these are chosen. They can be distinguished in various forms:

  1. Basis Color –
    • Mono– This type of photocopier uses only one color toner i.e. black. These are widely used in offices and they come in range of sizes, from low-end low volume to high-speed high value machines.
    • Color– They have four primary color toners and by mixing these colors all other colors are created.
  2. Category
    • Multifunctional – Most of the offices these days use this type of copiers as they can do copying, printing, scanning and faxing from one device itself. They can also print from portable devices such as laptops via wireless connection.
    • Solo – These are just plain copier with no other functionality
  3. Technology
    • Analog -These copiers use light, lenses and mirrors to reflect the image of a document placed on the platen of the copier onto a photo receptor for printing.
    • Digital -These are the digital version of analog copiers.
  4. Placement
    • Desktop -They are basically designed for A4 paper or smaller size of paper only. These can be easily placed on an office desk.
    • Network -They can be connected to office network for office printing, PC faxing and scanning.

Leasing a Photocopier

Photocopier is not an asset for business that will appreciate with time. Buying these devices can be an additional cost to the company. Many leading companies provide wide range of photocopier for rental and lease. Today moving to a leasing option is a smart alternative with numerous advantages such as:

  1. Capital– Businesses want to limit the capital at their disposal and buying a photocopier may involve high costs. If they lease or take the copy machine on rent the company can use that amount for more significant business needs.
  2. Budgeting– To buy a copier the company has to allot a lump sum amount but in case of leasing one can make small fixed manageable payments.
  3. Tax efficiency– Leasing a copier can reduce the overall tax bill of the company. If you buy a copier, you may only deduct the machine’s depreciation value. However, if you take on lease the payment is considered pretax business expense; hence you can deduct the entire payment each time it’s made.
  4. Easy upgrade– These devices depreciate over time due to usage and with introduction of new and better technology. In case a company owns a copier, old model needs to be removed only by reinvesting in new one. Taking a copier on lease is easy for business to keep in line with new technology as there is a flexibility to switch over to new models easily.
  5. Flexible payments– Various options are available under rental and lease plans to make payments conveniently.

Therefore, photocopier leasing will not only help in easing out the initial monetary investment and save the additional costs in terms of maintenance fees but will also enable cost-effective trade up access to latest technology at the right time.

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