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Types of Plantation Shutters you should know

Plantation shutters are the best choice for window treatments. They are an inexpensive option, cool, versatile and add beauty to your home. They are cheaper than the regular custom drapes. They are also preferred because they permanently stay in your home. This is highly advantageous because this little window treatment can add great value to your home while selling it. These shutters will help to control light, give privacy and can reduce your energy bills. You can control the top and the bottom louvres separately. This is one feature which is helpful in the evenings.

The plantation shutters are also called plantation blinds. They have wide louvres and are 3.5-4.5 inches wide. They are very popular in warm states and countries.  The blinds look great in casual rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. They are mostly in white colour, but you can customize whichever colour you want. Here are some of the different types of plantation shutters you can use to incorporate them into your homes. They give an elegant and classic feel to the house.

There are basically three kinds: vinyl, composite and wood. Let’s see the details of each type.

1) Vinyl: the basic and inexpensive choice

The most basic, vinyl shutters are the least expensive of all the plantation shutters. They are the low-end ones but highly affordable. If their shutters are large, they can be tough to fit. They might also have some structural problems. They are composed of PVC or aluminium so that they can be stable. They offer resistance to weather and are mainly used in areas of high moisture content. They are again subdivided:

  • Hollow vinyl: They resemble hollow vinyl frames and they have some size limits. The only advantage being the price, they can often prove to be not too useful in the long run. They cannot support huge frames and also sag with time. So, if you are looking for cheap options, you can choose hollow vinyl shutters.
  • Structured hollow vinyl: They are a modification of hollow vinyl shutters. They help reduce the sagging. They achieve this by including the vinyl skeleton inside the shutters. This is done so that they can improve the shutter’s weight. They also have better structural composure when compared to hollow vinyl shutters. Thus, the name structured hollow vinyl shutters.
  • Solid vinyl shutter: They are a vinyl frame which is instilled with PVC that is blown. They are a better option than the hollow or structured hollo vinyl shutters. They are a cheap and effective option too. The solid vinyl which can be combined with an aluminium insertion offers the metal support. They have a light profile.
  • Vinyl clad wood: A hardwood frame is wrapped in the vinyl shutters. This is done to offer better strength and durability of wood with the vinyl coating. They are also moisture resistant and a better pick than the rest.

2) Composite Plantation Shutters:  functional plantation shutter

Composite plantation shutters are designed out of engineered wood. They are also made of fake wood or faux wood. These are made of an MDF which has vinyl or a PVC coating. They offer a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Sturdy built and offer great support.
  • Weather and humidity resistant
  • They are an alternative to the wooden shutters.

3) Wood Plantation Shutters: the perfect choice

If you are looking for a rustic and classic look for your home, then try the wood plantation shutter. They are highly strong and lightweight. They can be painted or customized according to our tastes, unlike the other shutter types.

So, these are the different types of plantation shutters you can use in your home to give a perfect window treatment. They are beautiful and very affordable.

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