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A Comprehensive Guide to Maintain Your Bifold Doors

One of the easiest ways to add some space, room, and contemporary touch to your home is by adding a bifold door to it. These are not just an incredibly stylish piece of the interior but also highly functional. Every time you open a bifold door, you cannot just let in some extra light inside your house, but also make it look more spacious. They are a great alternative to the ordinary patio doors and allow instant access to the outdoor garden area or other rooms.

You do not necessarily have to wait to clean your bifold doors until you see fingerprints or watermarks on its glass. There are other parts and mechanisms of the door that must be cleaned regularly for its proper maintenance and smooth operations.

bifold doors
Bifold doors

We get serious about cleaning both the visible as well as the invisible parts of the bifold doors.

  • Maintaining the tracks of bifold doors
    When you use your bifold doors regularly, debris can build up in their tracks and can affect their smooth operation. Make it a point to clean the tracks regularly, especially during summers when the doors are used more often, and the people pass in and out more often. The right way to clean them is to first use a brush to loosen any debris from the tracks and then use a vacuum to suck away all that debris. But if you live near the sea, make it a point to clean the doors with water every week. This will remove all the salt deposits from it.

  • Maintaining the glazing of bifold doors
    The glazing or sheets of the glass of a bifold door can be cleaned just like the glass of any other window or door. Use a mild detergent and spray it over the glass, now use a soft cloth to wipe the glass and remove any excess soap. Ensure you dry away the frames of the doors by making use of a clean cloth or they can be damaged. You can also use warm water in place of mild detergent.

  • Maintaining the mechanics and hardware of bifold doors
    The mechanical system of bifold doors includes hinges, trolley wheels, and multiple locks, and handles, that form its security system. All of these can be maintained by regular lubrication using grease or Silicon spray. It can be every couple of months or as and when required. In case, the spray or the grease starts to leak, it should be wiped clean by using a soft cloth to avoid any staining on the frames or the glass.

bifold doors
Bifold doors
  • Make sure you use the right products
    It is very important to make sure that one uses only the right kind of cleaning products on the bifold doors. Avoid using cleaning products that are solvent based or washing liquids as they can damage the doors permanently. Also, use only non-abrasive soft clothes against the scouring pads since they can damage the surface of windows and frames by causing scratches.

  • When to get the professionals?
    While most of the maintenance issues related to bifold doors can be managed at home, there are some of them that strictly require professional bifold doors intervention. At times the door becomes stiff due to the problems in the lock or maybe the frame gets slanted. These issues must be left with a professional supervision and must not be fixed at home.

Just a little care and maintenance can keep the look of your bifold door incredible and in a perfect working condition for years to come.

Remember, when you avoid regular maintenance, you invite unnecessary damage!

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