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Premium Quality and Stylish Women’s Rashies Online Australia

Australia- the land of the golden sand and sun, a beautiful continent with a lot of water wonders to offer. It definitely has the best beaches in the world.

A beach is an enjoyable place only if you’re appropriately dressed for it. Not wearing the proper gear could end you up with a nasty sunburn, rashes and chafed skin. Whether you’re swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing or doing any other water activity, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun and the crash of waves against the body.

A rash guard is an ideal to wear if you’re looking for maximum protection under the sun and in the water. But it can’t be just any rash guard – it should also be a stylish and premium quality rash guard.

Protection in Action

The primary goal of wearing a rash guard is protection. The sun’s rays can seep into ordinary clothing and harm your skin. Those harmful UV rays can cause sunburns at a minimum, but prolonged exposure can put you at risk of skin cancer.

A good rash guard comes with a built-in ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) which provides skin protection against the damaging UV rays. Additionally, premium quality rash guards also feature chlorine resistance, making them ideal for swimming in both the pool and the sea.

A Matter of Material and Construction

Rash guards come in a wide array of fabrics, but the most common are spandex, nylon, neoprene, lycra, and polyester. Polyester rash guards are known for their breathability and ability to wick moisture. Spandex features an excellent fit and stretches while neoprene is ideal for cold-weather activities because of their high insulation properties. Lycra is quick-drying and breathable while nylon provides superior fit and stretch as well.

Apart from the premium material, high-quality rash guards are also well constructed. Look for the stitching and see to it that stitching is flat, precise and durable for maximum protection against chafing and rashes.

Fit and Style

Womens rashies need not be dull and boring. You can go bold and adventurous in style if that’s what expresses your personality. Choose from a slew of looks and styles, starting with unique colors and catchy patterns, to various neckline designs and closure mechanisms.

It is also great to pick a rashie that you can wear in and around the beach or resort. Pair it with a great-fitting pair of shorts, flat sandals or flip-flops, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and you should be confident to lounge by the poolside, sit in a café or stroll around the beach town.

Also, premium quality rashies come with a perfect fit. Most rash guards cling to the skin nicely so that they don’t ride up your torso as you swim, sail or surf. While there are rashies that are loose by design, they’re mostly made for sun protection and are not best for water activities. When shopping for your next rash guard, pick one that provides comfort, flexibility, and durability while allowing you to look trendy and stylish.


Apart from hydrating often and applying sunblock every couple of hours, high quality and premium rash guards complete your protection strategy when you’re out and about in the water and under the sun. Invest in a rash guard made with material suitable for the weather and your water activity of choice, check out its UPF rating and scrutinize the fit and stitching.

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