Analyzing The Most Perfect Ways For Myopia Prevention: Explaining The Disease And Its Remedies

Myopia is a common eye condition which is also known as nearsightedness. It is typically called short-sightedness by most doctors. It makes the individual see the nearby objects clearly but the far away are not at all clear and are blurred. This blurry image can also cause irritation in the eyes. If you face problem in seeing the distant objects especially if you drive, in such a situation, you should immediately visit the doctor and consult the possible remedies.  The eyes sometimes become too elongated to get a view of the far away objects. But the condition can be cured, and a recent survey has concluded that 6 out of 10 individuals suffer from myopia. Myopia prevention altogether can be done in many ways, but the basic remedy should first be consulted.

How Does Myopia Occur?

For some individuals, myopia is a hereditary condition and cannot be prevented. It is carried down from generations and thus, one has to bear its consequences. For some, the case is totally different. Putting too much stress on the eyes while reading or writing, can also cause this disease. However, some of the most prominent causes of myopia include:

  • Too Less Light: When one reads in too less light, the less illuminated atmosphere creates pressure on the eyes. This can cause myopia in the future.
  • Using Gadgets Too Much: Starting to use mobile phones and other electronics from an early age can cause myopia in the future. The radiation that is emitted out of such smart phones is not only harmful to the eyes but for the mind as well. A recent survey has shown that individuals who use their phones before sleeping at night tend to be more myopic than the rest. This is because the radiation gets absorbed by the brain and reacts with the nerves while sleeping, thus weakening the eye sight.

Proper Remedies For Myopia Prevention:

Myopia is a very common disorder and most individuals are affected by it. However, myopia prevention can be done in many ways and some of them are as follows:

  • Eating Fruits And Vegetables Rich In Vitamin A: Vitamin A fruits and vegetables contain an enzyme that improves the eye sight. It strengthens the nerve vessels and makes the eyes strong. Even the intake can prevent hair fall and other ailments as well.
  • Exercise: If the individual has just been myopic, proper exercise can further strengthen the vision. Doing breathing exercise daily for at least 30 minutes can not only improve eyesight but also make the heart strong. The more oxygen the heart pumps, the more likely the body and mind is going to get healed.
  • Engaging In A Good Yoga Routine: There are several yoga exercises purely dedicated to myopia prevention. The body not only gets flexibility through various asanas but even the eye sight improves as well. Doing at least half an hour of yoga daily can bring in mental and physical peace as well.
  • Using Less Gadgets: Even while using smart phones and laptops, one should turn on the night mode and then use it. In this case, the radiation emitted is much lesser and the brain does not get effected that much. For myopia prevention, the best advice is to stop using mobile phones at night before going to sleep.

The Final Take On Myopia Prevention:

Myopia is an ailment that one shouldn’t worry about too much. Taking good care of health and leading a good lifestyle can prevent all sorts of myopia symptoms. But you must visit the doctor if you feel you are suffering from myopia to prevent further loss in the eyes.

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