Small apartments
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Clever Ways to Expand Your Tiny Apartment

Homeowners are using certain clever tricks to make their small rooms feel larger than their actual size. In this article we will try to show you the basics of such tricks.


Lighting has the greatest impact on your home, and by varying the lighting you can totally change the perception of your living space. The lighting source shouldn’t necessarily be the conventional ceiling lamp such as chandeliers, recessed or pendant lights. Stand or desk lamps are always a great solution for tiny spaces. You can place a desk lamp onto the coffee table and with the help of floor lamps lighten up the remaining dark corners. Add wall sconces above chairs or sofas to illuminate your favorite reading spots. If you are trying to create a relaxing ambiance in the kitchen, install under-cabinet lighting. It will not only make your kitchen aesthetically more beautiful, but your cooking routine much easier too. Any room will seem larger if it is well-lit, either by artificial lighting or natural light. So, get rid of heavy curtains and open up the windows to let the light of the outdoors into your home.

Fold It Up

Small apartments often lack a dining room. Don’t despair – you can enjoy your meals comfortably by installing a set of folding table and chairs. Such sets are ideal for tiny spaces – making the space even smaller when mealtime comes and larger when the meal time is done.

Small apartments
Small apartments

Declutter Your Home

There’s nothing that makes a tiny apartment feel cramped and even tinier and cramped more than having too much stuff. Get rid of the things you don’t use or need, put away the out-of-season clothes and shoes. Think about adding extra shelves, storage systems and furniture with extra storage. With decors neatly organized the space that is in view will feel more open and airy.

See-Through Furniture

By using furniture that you can see through, like an acrylic table or chair, anything beyond will appear farther away. Or you can replace the opaque glass shower enclosure with a clear, frameless one. Glass or lucite can be used for tabletops too. With a sturdy base of metal, stone or wood, the space around the table will look spacious.

Same Color – Different Shade

When painting, people usually leave the ceiling white. Since the ceiling has as much impact as the other walls, it is of a great importance to tie them with the rest of the space, otherwise they will stand out of the entire room interior. A clever way to expend a small room is to choose a slightly lighter shade than the wall color for the ceiling. For the other textured wall finishes, drapers and woven upholstery fabrics choose colors that are in the same color family. Delicate warm colors and cool colors on most surfaces give the space a more open look.

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