Christmas in Australia

Spending Christmas in Australia: 5 Best Places to Be

Whether you live in Australia or you are planning to spend the next Christmas in the land down under, we have found five of the best locations which are perfect for spending the upcoming holiday season in. These places range from exotic forests and serene mountains to the blue waters of the Sydney Harbour. Take a look and see which one appeals to you the most.

Tasmania Mountains

Australia is renowned for more than just its beaches and to know what we are talking about here, you will have to visit the mountains of Tasmania. It’s a combination of serene backgrounds, unique wildlife and mesmerizing sunsets. These mountains are a top spot during the Christmas season, so trekking, camping and rafting options are also available if you love the outdoors.

Bondi Beach

Anybody who is even remotely familiar with tourism spots in Australia knows about Bondi Beach and its fame is well deserved. It’s a bustling and beautiful place to be on Christmas Eve, but be warned, it will be quite crowded. Nevertheless, the golden beach remains as beautiful as ever and a number of fellow beach lovers in Christmas spirit around you might be just what you need. There’s only one problem though, you cannot drink on the beach!

Sydney Harbour

Thanks to the luxurious Christmas cruises available at Sydney Harbour, it is probably the best location to be in during Christmas if you want a party with good food, liquor, a Christmas theme and amazing fireworks with the lovely Sydney sky on top and the deep blue waters of the harbour below. You can either just book a few seats or an entire boat if your group is large enough.


The capital is a fine place to visit with your family during the Christmas holiday and the famous SIDS & Kids Christmas Lights is a spectacle to behold when all the LED lights are at play during the night. If you would like to find an exquisite bottle of wine for the Christmas party, just head over to one of the thirty or more wine boutiques that are located close to the city

Kangaroo Island

Let’s end this list with a place that’s beautiful, secluded and often described as a “home away from home” in Australia. Kangaroo Island is famous for its wine, honey, sheep’s milk cheese and of course, the fresh seafood. We would recommend that you spend your Christmas on Kangaroo Island if you are trying to get away from the city or overpopulated beaches to get a taste of what an Australian countryside Christmas feels like.

One can’t really go wrong with any of the locations mentioned here, so feel free to choose whatever suits your mood. However, it is recommended that you inquire and book in advance because most of these places will likely not be able to accommodate you at the last minute. After all, they are some of the best spots in the country and it’s the holiday season!

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