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How to Repair Some Common Auto Ac Problems?

Air conditioning is a pretty standard issue for all cars now. They fulfill an important aspect of the overall comfort by preserving an ambient temperature. If you know how to do it right, auto ac repairs can be done by you. During summer, you may switch on your car air conditioner maximum time and due to this constant use, the air conditioner of your car can get affected, and in this regard, you need to contact some auto ac mechanic. They will solve these issues and they can also increase the performance level of your car air conditioner.

Identify the problem

You need to start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner to high. You need to estimate how warm or cool the air is. If the air is cool but not cold, it might be that there is a problem with the airflow and you need to go in for auto ac repairs. Check if cooling fans on a radiator and it might be electrical problems of your car, and you need to take it for auto ac repairs. The cabin air filter might have to be replaced to increase the flow of air.

  • Check if the A/C compressor is working. Locate the air conditioner from the user’s manual in the engine bay. Check if the center of pulley is turning with the pulley. You will find a clutch engaging when the A/C works.  If it does not engage, the A/C compressor may be broken and will need auto ac repairs.

  • You need to check to a wire leading to a/c compressor. Take a length of wire about a meter long and attach it to the wire of the compressor and the positive terminal of the car’s battery. If you hear a loud sound, it means that it’s working. If not, then auto ac repairs need to be done.

  • There might be leaks in the a/c system. This problem can be solved by you with a little help. Leak detection kits are available in the market. Read the instructions carefully. If there are leaks, take the car in for repairs.

Adding the auto, a/c refrigerant

  • Check with a thermometer for the ambient temperature. Refrigerant will occupy less space in the can and more in the system, so the temperature will be different. If you know the ambient temperature, you will be in a better position to check the gauge on the can.

  • Find out where the low service port is for the A/C. follow the line from the A/C compressor and you will find a nozzle near the bottom of the car. Then use a rag to clean the area around the service port. Spray some brake cleaner if required.

Then take the hose which comes with the refrigerant kit and connect to the low service port. Utilize the ambient air pressure chart on the gauge to fix the pressure. Once you begin spraying, keep an eye on the gauge to determine exactly when the system is properly filled with refrigerant.

Refilling the refrigerant

Turn the valve situated on top of the refrigerant in a clockwise direction. You should be able to feel it piercing the top and releasing the refrigerant. Keep the can upright because if it falls, the pressure drop will not allow the refrigerant to pass into the system. Also, shake the can occasionally. Be careful not to turn the can upside down. After refilling, remove the charging hose and store the can in a cool and dry place.

However, please note that all auto ac repairs cannot and should not be tried out by you. Bring the vehicle in for repairs at a trusted mechanic if the situation warrants it.

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