Keep Your Car’s Warranty Alive With Log Book

There are lots of people who buy new cars from showrooms or dealers are either led to believe that for sustaining the warranty on the car, it has to be returned to the dealer for any kind of servicing. Logbook is an essential part of the car and you need to maintain this logbook according to the schedule. In this case, you need to contact with the authorized logbook service centre and they will check the different parts of the car along with the engine, coolant system, windscreen and the car body. Then they will update your logbook accordingly. If you do not maintain this logbook by hiring some authorized centre then you will not be able to claim any insurance in future. Also you can face some legal difficulties and you may have to pay huge penalty amount for not maintaining the logbook.

Why do you need to maintain the logbook?

The log book of a car is a vital cog in this process. It is called a vehicle maintenance log or sometimes auto maintenance log book. You can carry it in your car at all times because you never know when you might be in need of immediate repairs, and tracking the repairs becomes so much easier with the log book in hand. Additionally, the log book also gives you a history of the repairs and maintenance done, so through this logbook you can identify the previous problems with your car and you also maintain the car fuel according the scheduled timeline prescribed in your logbook.

The benefits of logbook servicing:

  • Some things on the log book entries are in truth hard to remember for the average motorist. Details like the fuel levels, rotation of tyres to balance the tread, oil changes and tyre pressure escape attention in the hustle and bustle of daily life, where all the time you have is spent on work and family. Generally any log book contains all pertinent information about the service necessities for you car, and it does so for the initial 200,00 km. when your certified mechanic glances at the logbook during the service, he will know exactly what has been done to the car previously and what needs to be done immediately.
  • When you service your logbook, some specialized mechanics will evaluate your car problems and they will identify the minimum issues with your car. Therefore, through these thorough inspections, you can understand the safety features of the car. Then you can fix these issues with the help of these mechanics.
  • The best part of the deal is that after each entry of a repair or maintenance, the entry is stamped, giving it the authenticity, which is sorely needed, in cases of warranty issues. It in turn also maintains the resale value of the car in the future, as the new owners will definitely want to have a look at the logbook before buying the car.
  • Some specialized services that cater to car repairs and maintenance have an exhaustive checklist of sometimes more than 50 items to cater to. Some of these have very technical and in-depth probes; brake fluid moisture checking, 3 spot measurement of tyre tread depth, and % of brake material left.

You do not need a leather cased antique diary with golden filigree for the logbook, save it for your car. Keep a regular, easy to access from the glove compartment logbook, which has columns for gas mileage as well as a maintenance section because the entries are shorter and take up less space.

Follow these, make columns in the order of date, gallon price, gallons bought, amount paid for gas, mileage for the trip and the total mileage as well.

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