Tips to Purchase the Best Commercial Juice Extractor

The juice business never gets affected by any external factor, and be it summer or winter, people love enjoying juices of different fruits and even vegetables. This is the reason why cafes, health clubs, hospitals, restaurants and even bars keep a commercial juice extractor in their kitchen area. No doubt, there are a lot of things that separate a commercial juicer from the ones that you use in your home. The capacity of your home juicer, though, is quite low when compared to the commercial one.

In the market, there are numerous brands available that manufacture and sell these commercial juicers. Some commercial juicing machines are meant only for citrus fruits, whereas others can work on all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Some juicers are quite easy to clean and maintain whereas some models might give you a headache with their high maintenance requirements. So, before you spend your money on a commercial juicer, it will be ideal if you check out the factors that separate a good juicer from the bad ones. Let us throw some light on this matter.

How to Pick the Right Commercial Juice Extractor

There are two basic models of commercial juicers available in the market and, they are floor standing models and the worktop models. Just as the names suggest, a floor standing juicer comes along with a stand on which the machine is placed. On the other hand, the worktop models need a flat surface on which you can place them. Now, when you start looking for a commercial juice machine, you need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you make the right choice.

What is your purpose of buying this juicer? Well, if you are running a pub bar, cafe or a restaurant then it is quite obvious that customers would not ask for a vegetable juice. So, rather than spending your money on a juicer that can work on a wide array of items, you can go in for a simple model. On the other hand, if you are running a health club or a hospital, you will have to purchase an all-in-one machine, which can work on all sorts of vegetables as well.

What should be the size of the juicer? As it was mentioned above, there are two basic juicer models available. In case you do not have enough space to accommodate a floor stand model juicer then go in for the worktop model. The floor stand model certainly consumes more space. But, you have to make sure that the place where you want to keep your worktop model juicer is close to a power point so that you can easily plug-in the wire.

Should I buy two separate juicers? In case the flow of customers at your place is very high then it would be better to purchase two separate juicers – one for juicing the citrus fruits and the other for juicing the vegetables. In this way, you will be able to serve more customers in a less amount of time. In addition, it will also bring down the staffing cost.

Is the commercial juice extractor low on maintenance? If you are running a juice bar or a restaurant, then you cannot spend a lot of time on maintenance of the juicer. For this reason, it is better to spend a little more and go in for a machine that is easy to clean and maintain as well.

So, those were some of the basic questions that you need to ask yourself. In addition, you should also pay heed to the wattage of the juicer. Make sure it does not consume a lot of power or you will end up burning a hole in your wallet on electricity bills.

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