Get The Required Information On Samsung Pro Plus Micro Sd Cards

Samsung has recently introduced new Samsung pro plus micro sd cards that are especially designed for content creation and advanced photography. These cards are equipped with magnet drop technology and complete protection against any kind of wear and tear. The Samsung pro plus micro sd cards are generally designed for enthusiasts and professional videographers, photographers, and content creators.

Samsung pro plus micro sd cards make it easier to retrieve and save data for many consumers and professionals while knowing that their valuable video and image files are always protected. The cards can withstand high temperature, they cannot be tampered with, they are durable, work longer and your phone does not suffer from a drainage of battery when you insert these cards in your phone.

Amazing Features Of Samsung Pro Plus Micro Sd Cards

Here are the detailed features of the new Samsung pro plus micro sd cards that you really need to go through:

#1 Your New Go-To-Card

Get the capacity and speed to stay on the go with the new Samsung pro plus micro sd cards, no matter which device you use! It offers you the trusted performance and supercharged speed that will let you capture seamless 4k videos on any device including drones. You need not worry about the quality of those either. It will also expand your storage capacity on your tablet or any gaming device so that you can enjoy more performance-intensive games.

#2 Take Your Best Shot

Now shoot more flawlessly and faster with the stunning fast U3 micro sd including Class 10 rated read or write speed of up to 120/160Mbs. It will also let you take and transfer masses of pictures smoothly. When you have these cards, you can download mobile games within a short time, and you can continue playing the games.

#3 Add Space, Keep It All

The huge capacities of 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB in Samsung pro plus micro sd cards offer you plenty of storage space. Moreover, you can shoot numerous lush high-resolution and lavish long takes pictures effortlessly with micro sd cards. So, now you have got the room to store your various media, files, and apps. You can also store and save a whole lot of photos that are of large size. With these cards, availing the best amount of space for all your photos will not be a problem of any kind.

#4 You’re Fully Protected

You can now record your life’s adventures with the Samsung pro plus micro sd card’s 6-proof peace of mind. This 6-proof protection includes complete protection from temperature, water, magnet, x-ray, wear out, and drop out.

#5 World’s No.1 Flash Memory

Enjoy the experience of superior reliability and performance that you can only get from the world’s No.1 Samsung brand which is commonly known for its flash memory since the year 2003. The Samsung pro plus micro sd cards offer end-to-end integration for the best quality product you can trust.

#6 Optimized For Professional Purposes

The new Samsung pro plus micro sd cards offer lightning-fast write and read speeds of up to 120Mb/s and 160 Mb/s respectively, that allow users to capture 4k ultra high-definitions (UHD) as well as Full HD (FHD) videos.

This makes the ideal for both casual as well as enthusiast users who want responsive and dependable performance for their day-to-day usage.

#7 Offers Durability

With the 10-year limited warranty, Samsung pro plus micro sd cards ever offer up to a half terabyte of storage capacity and amazing durability. Additionally, the new memory cards introduced by Samsung provide ample storage for aerial drone video capture, 360-degree photos, hours of 4k UHD helmet camera, and more.


The new Samsung pro plus micro sd card lineup offers six-proof protection which means they have added two more layers of protection than the previous one. This makes the new micro sd cards withstand extreme temperatures, water, drops, wear out, x-ray, and magnetic impact.

In addition, the cards even offer to write and read speeds of up to 120Mbps and 160Mbps respectively with offering 10-years limited warranty.

The new suite of Samsung Pro Plus Micro Sd Cards offers amazing capabilities and features with dazzling fast speed along with increased durability and reliability that every professional and consumer requires to deliver ultra-high-performance and protect every valuable video and image file.

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