Every Important Factor to Know About Digital Torque Tools

Manufacturing companies do require digital torque tools. Now, what are these tools and how functional are they? These digital tools are best used in areas dealing with electronics, automotive, aircraft, and industrial work. This comes with high-end precision along with a digital display interface. In addition to that, it has sensory and acoustic signal facilities along with visual features. The sensors provide an alert to the user especially when the torque reaches the limit.

Below highlighted are some notable key features and benefits of using the digital torque tools. Read on to know further:

  • Lightweight in design: The best thing about the digital torque tools is that they are extremely lightweight. The weight of the inbuilt battery is surprisingly less.
  • High-end electronic attribute: The next feature of digital torque tools is they offer an advanced electrical feature in which is hardly found in the traditional gas-operated tools.
  • Auto function mode: You would be surpised to know that the latest digital torque tools have an auto-release option that once applied allows the torque to respond to the bolt.
  • Accuracy level: These tools are highly accurate when to delivering output.
  • Power source: The ratio of weight to power in digital torque tools is high compared to the pneumatic operated ones.
  • Quite safe: The digital torque tools come with a pistol-shaped gripping feature which minimizes the strain on the users and thus keeps the person stay uninjured.
  • Easy to use: The digital torque tools are designed with user-friendly features so that users won’t get confused. In addition to that, it showcases the torque values on a real-time basis. You can pre-set the torque with the desired value at your own will. In addition to that, it comes with a led display that illuminates the green color for easy indication. Once it starts to operate you can feel the vibrating sound.

Best for noisy ambiance:

The digital torque tools are the real savior for chaotic environments. The tools assure the ease of operation, working at its best with the preset value system. The user needs to set the parameters of tolerance easily. They can set both non-go and go signals without any issue.

The operator has to define both the lower and upper values of the threshold. It helps them to receive the sensory, audible, and visual warning alert. They will receive the alert notification the moment the torque level touches the threshold. Indeed, this function is quite worthy especially when you are using the same in assuring the quality of any product. Apart from that, it offers safety to users as well.

Utmost Assured Precision:

One more thing about the digital torque tools is that offer a high level of precision. Companies have to know the function and usability of the digital torque tools to assure that the quality of the product is under-checked and assured. Also, the best digital torque tools won’t let companies compromise the authenticity as well.

Remember those fasteners with excessive and loose torque can lead to stripping. That is why digital torque producing companies do carry out the assembly work in three different phases.

Easy display:

The display of the digital torque tools is quite readable and that helps to get the precise reading of the torque applied. It comes with recalibration which is why users find it easier to calibrate compared to the usual ones.


So, this was everything you needed to know as some of the unique feature and benefits of using the digital torque tools.

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