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Popular and Yet Primeval – Stone Landscaping

Landscaping is an important part of every home architectural plan and there are hundreds of ways that one could choose to boost their landscape naturally or by adding artificial elements to it. Stone has always been an elegant way of enhancing landscape; they look neat, tidy and at the same time can be designed well if consideration is given to different shapes, sizes and colors of stones.

The idea should be to look beyond using landscaping stones as mere stepping stones or stones used to demark or spate territories. This is fine, but an elementary method of using stones. Let us look at some simple methods of using landscaping stones and different varieties of stones that are available in the market.

Stone Landscaping

Decomposed Granite – These granitic rocks are mostly weathers at a point that they begin to break away from larger ones. These are good options for countryside patios. If you are able to get these chips from good topdressing around arid plants, but it can be hard on weeding.

Beach Pebbles – Often due to wear and tear these are well-rounded and smooth in their texture, they can be used to decorate your garden or line up the border of patios. They help provide a sophisticated look to your yard as well. These are slightly expensive to sources when compared to granite and granite chips. It is important to clean them regularly; one useful way of cleaning them is by using a blower.

Beach Pebbles

Cobblestones – The most classical stones used are cobblestones, these have rugged stylishness that is great for fashioning trails through gardens and are simple to use.  Also known as pitched surface and most overused in Britain and Scotland, these stones are mostly set in sand and fixed to gather in mortar making as they sit tight and permits them to be heavily used throughout the year. They do not get muddy or dusty in changing the weather and give an old-world look to your home. Modern cities also seem to use these stones to give traditional look to their streets, Uruguay, Buenos Aires, and Guanajuato all have adopted cobblestones to pave their streets.

Slate – This is another popular choice of landscaping stones used all over the world. These make flat surfaces that can make great building material and also create good stepping stones. The use of slate makes it easier to build, not much mortar or cement is generally required to construct these pathways.

Quartzite this is a hard rock which is originally pure quartz sandstone and is usually white or grayish in color and is also seen in shades of pink and red if it has high amounts of Iron Oxide content in it. At times, these have other colors such as green, blue and orange displaying the inclusion of other minerals in them. This rock is a great choice when it comes to adding visual appeal if they are poured in areas that are lit up at night they can glow like crystals due to their reflecting abilities.

You can also use landscaping stones to compliment or contract with the color scheme that your entire house is being designed in. If you choose to compliment then your stones might just blend in with the rest of the home. If you are going to use and play with contrast colors then you will be fashioning more diversity in the view. A contrast color generally is often pleasing to the eye and remains in the memory of the viewer longer. But ensure that these are not hurting or striking colors. The best thing about using landscaping stones is that you cannot go too wrong with them. They will only add to the beauty and never take away grandeur from the home.

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