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Commonly Used Pool Pavers for Regular and Luxury Pools

You certainly love your pool – it’s such a delight to enjoy your time out there relaxing in the warm sun or splashing in the refreshing waters. This makes pool maintenance vital.  Further, ensure your family’s safety so that slips and accidents are avoided. To help you out with pool maintenance and safety, pool pavers is your rescue. There are several types of pool pavers that you can choose from and these are elaborated below.

Types of Pool Pavers

There are three primary types of pool pavers and each of these can work well for your decking or pool flooring applications. Choose the one for you based on the specific characteristics you’re looking for and you will have you pool looking great for a long time to come.

  • Concrete Pavers: These pavers are commonly chosen options as they have many features that make them the perfect choice for paving. They are smooth in finish yet slip resistant and salt resistant and their colors are not marred by chlorine. Seal them thoroughly and you can enjoy them for ages.
  • Brick Pavers: These pavers are the result of natural earthy stones being subjected to high temperatures. Naturally resistant to chlorine, these pavers are smooth, slip resistant and cost effective. They don’t wear out with the sun’s heat and a round of sealing keeps them lasting long.
  • Natural Stone Pavers: These are the most natural pavers you can find and are made from materials that are formed over the passage of time and quarried. Their many colors make them ideal for virtually every pool and when you seal them with specific sealers, they become resistant to salt water and chlorine, while also being slip resistant and sun damage resistant.

Explore range of Pavers for Luxury Pools

Thanks to the many variations of pool pavers that have hit the market, you can also choose from some exclusive paving materials if you so desire.

Pool Pavers
Pool Pavers
  1. Travertine: This popular luxury pool decking material is in demand these days because of its beauty while being hard wearing. Its tendency to remain cool to the touch as well as its porous nature makes it perfect for anyone who wants a decking solution that absorbs water instantly, is slip free and is weather resistant.
  2. Flagstone: Another frequently used pool paver is this made from natural paving material and has comes in earth toned textures and colors. Its non-slip surface makes it ideal for pools and it can withstand constant use, as well as heat and moisture. 
  3. Slate: This durable, heavy and customizable flagstone is in existence from the times that we cannot recall.  The color ranges from browns and dark blacks to rusts, reds, greens, purples and blue-grays. 
  4. Limestone: One of the world’s go-to materials for building of all sorts, limestone is perfect for pool decking too. Many pool designers use this material because of its hardy nature and its relatively easy availability, depending on where you live of course.
  5. Sandstone: Made of quartz grains and exceptionally hard wearing, sandstone is the perfect type of pool paver for pools that need a dramatic texture or color. They are usually available in reds and light browns and are even toned.
  6. Granite: One of the most durable, hardest natural stones, granite is the perfect choice if you’re looking for custom pool pavers that can stand the test of time. Pavers made from this stone repel water and hold a shine. They are ideal for elegant settings or for pools that have natural themes.

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