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Impressive Benefits of Installing Sliding Gate Automation Systems

With passing day automatic gates are gaining popularity amid the house owners as well as the property owners. These gates are prevalent among them for safety purpose.  Usually, automatic gates are installed at the entrance which helps to access the vehicle on and off the secured area. The systems under which these gates are operated are called the sliding gate automation. Places like manufacturing plant, parking garage sliding gate automation are used. In the plants, the gates with the automatic system are used at the entrance for vehicles entering and leaving the plant without any hassle. On the other hand, automatic gates are used in the internal areas of an area like inside a parking garage to separate the areas for diverse purposes.

A glance of sliding gate automation working process

  • The sliding gate automation is one of the most popularly and commonly used automatic gates in commercial applications. These gates use rollers to support it from the bottom.
  • These gates are installed parallel and horizontally slide across the gate opening. There are metal tracks constructed along the ground on which these rollers ride along. These gates are known as “V-track gates” or “rolling gates”.
  • If on one hand, these rollers help the gates to automatically open and close for the security purpose then, on the other hand, it can create problems as well. The rollers could get blocked by rainwater, debris or snow, causing a problem to open and close the gates.
  • One can also find rollers to be a source of causing friction on the metal tracks, thus making it very difficult to open and close the gate. It is a very tough job. These few reasons make the sliding gate automation system discourage able and less in use.

A Few things associated with automatic gates

  • The most common place where this sliding gate automation is used is for commercial purposes. But it could also be a great choice for residential gates as well. In comparison to the swing gates which are prohibited to be used on a steep surface, these sliding gates solve the problem.
  • There are two types of sliding gate opener installations. One is the Front Mount or Standard Installation in which a gate operator is mounted by the opening of the gate with a visible chain on the inside bottom part of the gate. The other is the Rear Mount also known as “End Of Track” Installation which has additional chains and a bit more work on it. This type also has an advantage that the chains and the operator are not visible at all and visually looks very appealing.
  • Automatic sliding gates are very beneficial for enhancing security levels and also allow the people and vehicles to easily access through the gate to the area. Look wise it is very good. These gates are available in a huge variety and within the personal budget.
  • These sliding gates are made up of grade aluminium, also used in airplanes. This material is used because of its low maintenance, longevity, resilience, and style. These gates are available in different styles which will complement the exterior of the home.

These gates are though expensive but very advantageous. It also requires regular maintenance. If once an expensive automatic gate is installed then it may reduce the maintenance cost in the long run. On the other, if some cheaper costing gate is installed then the owner may suffer from frequent costly repairs. This is why it is preferable to take proper suggestions from professional engineers and consultants. Fewer problems may arise after installing an automatic sliding gate with sliding gate automation system in it.

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