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7 Health Practices Working Parents Must Know to Stay Untroubled

Maintaining an even keel and a sense of well-being can be difficult for anyone. Add in the stresses of parenting and work and life can feel like a real struggle. Adopting these seven health practices can help busy working parents feel calmer and happier.

  1. Beat Stress With Regular Exercise

One of the best ways to care for your mental and physical health is to make exercise a part of your routine. To keep exercise from feeling like another chore on your list, try to find an activity you enjoy. If you dread the treadmill, attend an exercise class to see what you think. While establishing a new routine requires effort, in time you will look forward to the boost you get from regular physical activity.

  1. Take Time For Self-Care

Working parents often put the needs of others ahead of their own. They strive to give their best at work and provide exceptional care for their children. These are noble goals, but many working parents suffer from burnout caused by putting themselves last.

The impact of social media use on Australians’ well-being is clear during a vary of ways: quite one in 2 teens (57%) realize it troublesome to sleep or relax when spending time on social networking sites, and 60 percent feel brain ‘burnout’ from constant connectivity of social media. Set aside time to recharge. Self-care is very individual, so you may need to experiment to discover what activities fully recharge you. Whether you enjoy spa treatments or reading for pleasure, you deserve time for yourself.

  1. Sign Up For Health Insurance

Take time to research health insurance for couples and families. Signing up for health coverage protects both your family’s financial and physical health. Many preventative health services are fully covered by insurance. Instead of waiting for a health problem to occur before you visit a doctor, you will be able to take a proactive approach to healthy living.

  1. Keep Alcohol Consumption Moderate

Excessive alcohol use can cause health issues and complicate family relationships. If you find yourself drinking more than health guidelines suggest, try limiting your alcohol consumption to social events or special occasions. If this proves difficult, consider speaking with a counselor trained in addiction issues.

  1. Spend Time In Nature

Head to Health, on-line gateway funded by the Australian Government which will assist you to realize free and low-priced trustworthy phone and online mental health resources, as well as data regarding anxiety disorders. Many working adults spend most of their days inside at a desk.

Another way to reduce stress is to spend time in nature. Enjoying time in a calm, green space can help an individual decompress and relax. Children also benefit from outdoor playtime, so consider a trip to a park or nature preserve for your next family outing so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the natural world.

  1. Reconnect As A Couple

Just like you need quality time with your family to strengthen your bonds, you need to spend time with your partner to maintain your relationship. Parenting and financial stress can undermine your connection. Many working parents find that their romantic life is no longer what it used to be. Regular date nights help ensure your relationship remains strong. Even if you cannot hire a babysitter, you can enjoy a date night at home once the kids are in bed. Enjoy your favorite movie or try out a new show and indulge in some delicious treats.

  1. Eat Family Meals

Research suggests that eating family dinners can boost children’s vocabulary and academic performance. Both Australian adults and teenagers experience fear of Missing Out (FoMO): one in 2 teens and one in 4 Adults. Evidence also suggests that family meals can give the entire family a health boost, as children are more likely to eat vegetables and other nutritionally-rich foods when they join the whole family for a meal. If your family schedule is too hectic to enjoy nightly family dinners, try to schedule at least one family meal a week.

Although life as a working parent offers many challenges, staying healthy and reducing stress can make life easier. Take care of yourself so you can continue loving and supporting the people who depend on you.

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