Event Planning

Event Planning Using Media Wall Printing and Backdrops

Event planning can be difficult at times especially when those attending are expecting something that stands out and makes it a memorable experience. How can you best make it a fun and positive time for them while still getting the promotion side of things right? A great way to think about things is to think as if you were an attendee, not a planner. Think about where you enter the event, what would you want to see? Where are the times where an impression can be made with something like a red carpet backdrop, or media wall printing for example? With some focus to detail and imagination, you can get it just right.

Event Planning

Walking up to the venue

In the windows of the convention center have large backdrops with graphics that are vibrant and attention-grabbing, but also welcoming. Have your sponsors logos up there as well the logo of the event itself. Leading up to the doors have a red carpet with its own red carpet backdrop. Place the key logos on the backdrop, consider having a step and repeat banner along the length of the carpet for more opportunities for spreading brand awareness and promotion.

In the venue

Have large fabric banners on the walls as the attendees walk in, creating an ambiance of anticipation and excitement. Have a place where there is relevant information including speakers, vendors, and sponsors. If different speakers are in different rooms have their logos leading to the right rooms. Do not underestimate what a powerful experience the branding and graphics of the event can become. There are also a lot more options now with materials you can wrap anything in without causing damage, that you add logos to. Just a few examples below include;

  • Elevator wrapping
  • Murals on concrete walls
  • Graphics on staircases
  • Banners at parking garages as well as the venue
  • Wraps for the shuttle buses
  • Decals for carpets
  • Fabric giant sized backdrops
  • Graphics in windows
  • Restroom graphics!
  • Wraps for columns
  • Trashcan graphics

The more creative you are with displaying sponsors logos the more successful the event will be, and the more sponsors will want to support future events you do. Event graphics and backdrops are key to first impressions, and last impressions too. You need to get the combination just right.

You can pretty much wrap any surface so make sure you think about it carefully. It is not a case of wrapping everything, covering every wall. There needs to be a great balance between enough and not too much. There also needs to be a good mix. Everything does not need to be huge. Some of the larger banners should be mixed with other smaller but still important options. Media wall printing can be used with desk decals and column wraps for example. Attendees will be sure to walk away happy with the event and remembering key logos.

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