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What are the benefits of music on the development of a toddler’s brain?

According to a recent study report by the Brain and Creativity Institute of the University of Southern California, childhood musical experiences accelerate brain growth and development. This is more so in the case of toddlers and youngsters where music plays a fundamental role in the areas of reading and language acquisition skills. The NAMM or the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation reports that there is a link between high SAT scores and the ability to play an instrument.

However, music not only enhances the academic achievements but adequate exposure to various forms and genres of music are essential for many aspects as well. This includes intellectual, emotional, motor, social and overall literacy. Music makes an individual more in-tune with the mind and body which helps in developing self-expression. There are certain classics as well as many new toddler songs that you can go for while indulging your child in music from a very early age.

Did you know there are music games for kids of all ages?

Yes, music prepares your child for school and all the associated facets of the growing up process. Children can express themselves easily through music. Go and visit any pre-school and you will find toddlers making up songs, singing while playing. There are many programs where group participants learn to sing or learn an instrument. Once they grow a bit older, they are gyrating to their favorite band tunes. Music imparts enhancement to forging of friendships and sharing of feelings. Involve your child in activities that allow the young one to experience the one of a kind pleasure of learning music.

child day care
child day care

A note about infants and music

It is a scientifically proven fact that infants take to music easier than spoken words. Quiet and soothing background music is ideal for an infant’s relaxation and concentration. However, loud music and noise can over-stimulate a child, so keep in mind before playing your favorite records. You can try singing simple and short songs to your child during activities like playing, bathing or eating.

Music activity for infants

There are infant classroom musical activities that give an infant the first taste in music. There are musical activities that involve the use of various instruments and singing in English and other dialects depending upon the program you go for.

Music activity for toddlers

A toddler loves to dance and move to the beats of music. One major thing you need to remember about toddler music is that the key is in the repeated phrases. Repetition leads to language comprehension and memorization both of which are essential for growing up. Try silly words and easy to memorize familiar songs and you will do wonders for the growing brain. Additionally, you need to encourage clapping and tapping to the rhythm of the music.

If truth be told, there is no flipside of bringing children to music through various activities. Music is to be enjoyed and felt. It allows for individual freedom of expression. Impart the wisdom to your young one right from the start. Soothing sounds from the harmonies to the rhythm, let your child mature into a person with excellent social and emotional skills.

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