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Why Plastic Running Rails are a Hit in Horse Racing Tracks?

The high-octane world of horse racing is continuously changing with more innovation improving every aspect of the sport. This age-old sport has many historical connotations and has references in legend, mythology, and history. Many parts of the world have had horse racing in some form or the other. Such a grand, old sport has survived through time because of its raw, pure, and energetic nature.

Over time, many innovations have taken place in the game. These innovations enhance the safety of riders, the horses, the staff, and the spectators. Some of this innovation has taken place in the world of horse race running rails. From wood to plastic, PVC, and Vinyl, there is no end to making things better for each stakeholder in this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Plastic rails are durable and extremely affordable. Unlike aluminum or metal rails, they do not pose any danger of bodily harm to riders and the horses. One of the best bets or horse race running rails is plastic rails, and there are many reasons why. Let us look at them step-by-step: 

Horse Racing Rail

#1. Keeps The Expenses Down

Plastic rails keep the costs down. The maintenance costs are feasible. This is the most impressive facet of using plastic, as the material for horse race running rails. While they keep the costs down, this is not at the expense of quality and protection. 

#2. Provides UV protection

Let’s have a look at the composition of plastic rails. Mostly, they are made up of calcium carbonate and nanoparticles, with a dash of Chlorinate Polyethylene. On top of that, there is an acrylic coating, which protects from harsh UV rays. This add-on protection keeps the rails intact for years after purchase and installation. 

#3. Quick Installation Time

When you are using plastic rails, the installation time is slashed by almost half of that of other material. This doesn’t just save time, but also helps you save money. So, purely from a logistics perspective, plastic rails are a life-saver. The plastic rails can be installed with n ease and efficiency. 

#4. Incredibly safe

Plastic rails come with break-away technology, which enhances their safety. How does this work? Upon impact, which happens when a horse or a rider crash into the rails, they fragment into pieces. This dampens the impact and prevents serious, life-threatening injuries. So, plastic rails save lives.  

#5. Helps in horses’ training

The rails guide the horses, from start to finish line. This is particularly good for young colts. These are therefore instructive. Also, since the rails are made up of plastic, it minimizes. This is beneficial for new riders alike. 

#6. Long-lasting and low maintenance

These rails are resistant to water. Therefore, they guard against rot, mold, fungus, or any water-related damage. Due to the glossy exterior of these rails, any organic matter that can inflict possible damage to the surface does not cling to the rails. Therefore, these rails are low maintenance, thereby also keeping the running costs low. 

#7. Simpler and better

The plastic rails have a ground tube, joint sleeve, post, and rail. So, in terms of installation and handling logistics, it is much simpler. There are no complications that arise due to the bulk of the material. 


If you are an owner of the horse racecourse, or a contractor working in any capacity in the installation and maintenance of one, the advantages of using plastic rails are distinctly clear. They are lightweight, low-cost, low-maintenance, long-lasting, safe, and help in training the horses. Any modern racecourse owner would also appreciate them for the new aesthetics, due to their shiny, beautiful exterior texture, and multiple benefits.

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