Important Points You Must Know About Subclass 485 Visa Australia

And the fact cannot be ignored that Australia is a growing destination and has always been the favorite among the people and students. Australia is one of the favourites and popular destinations for international students. The education system of Australia is excellent and the standard of living there is also very high. That is why students all across the world, especially from English speaking countries, head to Australia for acquiring various degrees.  And therefore we are going to emphasize that what you need to keep in mind regarding 485 visa Australia.  Let’s check it out.

Important Information For International Students About 485 Visa Australia

The pass outs from various Australian schools are highly sought after as Australian education system is highly reputed. While studying in Australia students get the great opportunity to work there. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while studying in esteemed institutions. This is a very good option for those who want to earn while learning.

Subclass 485 visa Australia

Australian government allows the student to gain work experience post completion of their qualification to gain work experience. Those who are interested in staying back in Australia are required to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa or subclass Visa Subclass 485 Australia. If you get this visa, you are eligible to stay in Australia for up to four years.

The Duration Of Your Stay Under This Visa Depends Upon Your Qualifications And Is Mentioned Below.

A four-year term is allowed if the student has completed a doctorate degree. Three-year visa is granted if the student has completed masters by research. A two-year visa is granted to those students who have completed either a bachelors or master’s degree by course.

ü  No Need For Employer’s Sponsorship

Though this visa is extended to gain work experience, the best thing about this visa is that there is no need of employer’s sponsorship to obtain this visa. Besides, there is no need of finding a job related to the qualification and no particular skill is needed to obtain 485 visa Australia.

In case a temporary migrant under this visa is out of work his visa still remains valid. Those who are applying for this visa must have private medical insurance and they are not entitled to any government aids. This allows the temporary worker to get employed in any type of work and there is no restriction on the number of hours you work.

What You Need To Must Have For 485 Visa Australia

Are you not aware of what you must have for having 485 Visa Australia? No need to worry. All you need to go with the below-mentioned points.

1. The person should hold a valid visa while applying for 485 visa Australia. It means if you are going to apply then you need to accomplish this 485 visa requirements first.

2. To get visa 485, the person should be in Australia at that time.

3. The person applying for this visa must be under 50 years of age.

4. The person should hold a valid student visa or have held it in the last six months.

5. Good knowledge of English is must the candidate will need to prove his English language ability.

6. Candidate should pass the medical examination to prove fitness in order to receive.

7. A health insurance for the duration of the visa processing and stay in Australia on this visa.

There are some additional requirements for graduate work stream and post-study work stream which a candidate must fulfill while applying for visa subclass 485 Australia according to his stream.

The processing time of this visa is different for Graduate work stream and Post-Study Work Stream.

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