Significance of Employee Time Attendance Software

The employee time attendance software is a kind of software which keeps track on the amount of time an employee spends inside the office each day and maintains a proper record of the salaries paid by the office and received by the employees. 

The software is a great innovation as a time-tracking application. This is stored in a single database. It is easy to handle and helps maintain records of employees, departments, individuals of the company.

Time Attendance Software
Time Attendance Software

How to use the software?

There are some procedures which you need to follow while accessing the employee time attendance software. They are discussed below:

  • Log in to HR/Pay using the user ID and password.
  • Then go for self-service.
  • Later on, go to report time.
  • At last, go to time sheet.

The Human resource department is generally responsible for keeping track on the employee time attendance software of a particular organization and maintaining the records. The software helps to maintain the attendance of the employees on the following basis:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Bi-monthly etc.

Importance of employee time attendance software

  • It is very difficult to maintain time and attendance of every employee manually. The employee time attendance software is used for tracking leave time, working hours, accruals etc and make adjustments with regard to the payroll which differs from one employee to the other.
  • The software provides attractable workforce solution. Employees submit their time sheets to their supervisor. If it is approved, the time sheet goes to the HR department for cross-checking. If everything is accurate, the employee is paid the salary without any hassle.

Some special features of the software are discussed below:

  • This is a very important and valuable method for maintaining records. It helps track the working hours of every employee.
  • The information helps in assigning tasks, determining and analyzing etc.
  • You will get the breakdown of each and every task which is crucial.
  • If an employee is not able to deliver as per the requirement of the company, the managers will not approve it. Thereafter, they won’t get the exact salary. With the help of the facts collected of an employee from employee time attendance software, a company can communicate reasons as to why there were salary deductions. This software is far better than the web-based or desktop time sheet software and can manage labor hours and payroll efficiently.

Benefits of employee time attendance software

There are a few benefits of this software. This is a very simple process that helps keep a track on the working hours of an employee. This is used for both simple and complex time tracking solutions. Following are some important benefits of the software:

  • The software can be customized and can be tailored according to the requirements of the company
  • This software is easy to learn, use and apply.
  • Saves a lot of valuable time of the company, especially of the HR department.
  • This system is more accurate than the ones in pen and paper and there is absolutely no chance of faulty results.
  • This reduces significant processing time for payment of salaries of employees

Thus, the employee time attendance software results in improved staff performance and faster turnout due to its authentic record maintaining ability and helps in the better functioning of the organization without any kind of dispute related to employee time and attendance. Thus more and more companies are opting for the time attendance software as they are not only easy to operate, but also helps save a lot of time.

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