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Evaporative Air Conditioning: What You Need to Know

Ever enjoyed the breeze of the ocean as it touched your skin? The warm sun blasting its relentless heat and the breeze cooling it down in an instant? Ever wondered why the air is cold on the sea even when it is in the middle of the day?

How it works

It is because of the sea and how it dampens the heat by continually changing and absorbing the wind. On the middle of the day, on the shore, the movement of the air over the ocean causes the waters to evaporate, absorbing the heat from the air, during this process, the air’s temperature is cooled down, and the end product is a cold, comforting sea breeze.

Evaporative air copies from that concept wholeheartedly. By having hot air pass through a soaked cooling pad which is continuously circulating then distributed by the ventilator motor into your home. Now, you can enjoy the sea breeze at the confines of your home.

How much it cost

Installing a ducted evap air conditioning system would cost about $3,000 to at least $6,000 depending on how big your house is. Installation fees will also differ from your home’s location, how full your house is and the materials used to make it. They will consider all of these in their service fees. But you don’t have to worry. A lot of dealers will strike affordable deals that you can agree.

How long will it take

Well, of course, the time it takes for the duct evap air conditioning system for it to be mounted and operational is 10-24 hours. Depending on your house yet again. But you don’t have to worry about that matter, rest assured that the installers will leave your house the same way they found it. It will take almost 24 hours, but you can still stay in your home for the duration of the installation.

How much would it cost to run

The average evap air conditioner costs around $0.25 – $0.35 per hour for cooling, the price range depends on how much work the air conditioner has to put out. When you consider the sizes of each room, a medium sized house would cost about $0.70 – $1.00 to run per hour.

Again depending on how large your home is, the price might be too high, but the evaporative air conditioning is the cheapest most affordable and most of all the most favorable kind of system to use.

maintaining evaporative air conditioner


Maintaining your evaporative air conditioner will cost about $70 – $120 depending on how often you have it looked at and of course how many hours it takes to get the job done. The parts that the service personnel would use would be different depending on your circumstances.

Keep in mind to ask as many quotes from different distributors and ask around before settling on one. Indeed, the Evaporative air conditioner is sure to make you feel the breeze of the sea in the luxury of your home.

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