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Choosing Between Concrete and Fiberglass Swimming Pool

If you decide to build swimming pool in your property then pool builders may give you two different offers. You can either built any concrete swimming pool or you can have fiberglass made swimming pool. It may be little difficult for you to decide immediately and hence in this write up we shall talk about the pros and cons of each type of swimming pool and leave it to you to make an informed decision.

Concrete pools

You must have seen such type of pools in many places and following are few advantages of such pools.

  • Design flexibility – Here you have the liberty to design it in any way you like. You may create pool shell according to your house design and shape to match the design if you like.
  • Aesthetics – You can give very good look to your swimming pool with different kind of finish and add aesthetic value.
  • Strong – Concrete pools are around for many years and they are structurally more strong and reliable.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Following are few disadvantages of concrete swimming pools

  • More time needed to build – You may need several months to construct any concrete swimming pool
  • Cost is high – Most of the design of concrete pools are very complex which can add its cost too.
  • Rough finish at bottom – You may feel rough surface on your feet within the pool and children mostly complain about it.
  • Maintaining and running is expensive – There can be formation of algae or mould very soon and therefore you have to make more efforts to maintain and run such pool which makes it expensive.

Fiberglass pool

Now let us see the benefits of any fiberglass pool which a recent trend is.

  • Can be installed quickly – Most of the work is done at manufacturer’s place and installing on site may take just around a week.
  • Appealing look – Manufacturers of fiberglass pools make lots of effort to give very pleasing look to your swimming pool.
  • Maintenance is easier – Its smooth surface is very easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, the cost of running such pool is much more economical.
  • It remains warmer – Those who have used both concrete as well as fiberglass pool finds this kind of pools are much warmer during winter seasons.
  • Fiberglass is pretty durable material – Most of the manufacturers of fiberglass pool offer longer period warranty. Fiberglass is very tough material and can surely run for many long years.

Now let us see what the drawbacks of fiberglass swimming pools are.

  • Size and shape limitation – Since fiberglass is manufactured product and hence you can get as per the standard sizes and designs available. Also, sizes are limited due to the reason that it has to be transported to the site. Any larger pool may create problem in transportation.

From the above details, it is clear that the latest fiberglass design for swimming pool can be a better option and most of the buyers will prefer to choose fiberglass swimming pool. You will find in most of the modern buildings people prefer to get fiberglass pools. However, there are many who still thinks that concrete pools will be a better choice.

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