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A Perfect Guide for Buying the Best Hot Water Installation System

The hot water is an absolute necessity during the cold winters around the world, mainly in the hilly regions and the polar countries.  The people living in these places cannot think of running their households without using water heating systems. Hence, the hot water installation is a must in every building for instant supply of warm water to the residents. As there are various types of water heaters available in the market, the customers often feel confused about choosing the most suitable ones for their homes. They may also be unaware of the aspect to be checked while buying these heaters.

Factors to Be Considered for Getting Hot Water Installation At Homes

  • Check the warranty – As the water heaters are expensive products, the buyers should check the warranty period provided for every model. Usually, very long warranty is provided on every hot water installation and it is seen that the water heater needs replacement within a few years after its warranty is over.
  • Type of suitable water heater – Broadly, the water heaters are classified into two groups, namely the heaters with storage water tank and the tankless water heating systems. The heaters with large or small storage tanks are counted as the traditional hot water installation system, which are the highly insulated structures used for storing hot water, after it is heated by this appliance. On the other hand, the tankless water heaters are for instant use and this appliance is switched on only whenever the hot water is needed by the user. The buyers may choose the variety that suits their requirements, after comparing the features and benefits of all types of water heaters.

  • Type of fuel to be used – Most of the water heaters run on electricity or gas supply, as these are the common types of fuels available in houses for hot water installation systems and added to the monthly utility bills. However, now solar energy is also popularly used for modern water heaters, as sunlight is the cheapest source of natural energy and the system is provided with a backup heating for cloudy days.
  • Capacity of heating water – The buyers should check the capacity of heating and storing hot water matches with their daily requirements. This is mainly important in cases where hot water installation with storage tanks is being bought. Generally, the required capacity of hot water depends on the family size of the buyer and the regular household activities that demand the usage of hot water in winters. However, the tank-less heater should also be checked to see how much water can be heated at a time to meet the immediate requirements of the users.
  • Energy efficiency – The energy efficiency of a water heater can be estimated by checking the number of star ratings that are awarded as a mark of high energy saver appliance. An energy efficient water heater will help in keeping the expenses of monthly utility bills at a minimum level and save a lot of money of the house owner.
  • Quality of the components – In case of the water heaters with tanks, it is preferable to have the tanks lined with glass or any other anti-corrosion and insulated material. The drain valves made of brass have better durability than those made of plastic, even if they extend the cost price to some extent. Moreover, the digital display is now preferred to be present for better monitoring of the functioning of water heater.

Though the manuals provided by the manufacturers of all water heater models clearly state the instructions for successful hot water installation, it is better to hire professionals to complete the hot water installation work for ensuring safe and smooth running of the appliance.

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