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How to install the Ducted Heating System in your home?

If you live in a city where temperature variations are high and frequent, then you can install the ducted heating system. With this ducted heating, you can control a particular room temperature and you will get the required warmth inside your house. The installation of the ducted heating system is little costly, but once you install this system, you can save a lot in future. This system does not need any regular maintenance charges and it can provide you better longevity also. Even with the reverse cycle heating system, you can use the same machine as an air conditioner.

How does the ducted heating system work?

You will find a central heating unit in the ducted heating system and this unit produces high-temperature airflow. Then this heated air will flow through the ducts and transfer the heat to your rooms. You can install the ducts on the roof or you can install the same under the floor surface. These ducts are connected with several vents situated in separate rooms. The ducted heaters are available in three separate models such as reverse cycle air conditioner, gas furnace heater, and natural gas or LPG heater. You can easily control the temperature of the house through its dampers. These dampers can easily block the ducts and prevent airflow from the ducts. You can choose the automatic dampers heater or manual damper heater. You can also control the heating temperature of the ducted heating system with a remote control. But they are little costly, and if you have a small budget then you can install the manual ducted heaters in your rooms.

Ducted Heating
Ducted Heating

How to install the ducted heating system?

You can install the ducts on the roof or under the floor, but for preventing noise, it is suggested to install them on the roof walls. Apart from that, you need to install the vents outside of the house and in this case, you can hire a reputed installation company to do this job. You need to move your furniture in future and if you install the vents under the floors then you cannot move or relocate your furniture easily. In this case, you can discuss the same with the installers, and they will suggest you the convenient way. They will install the ducted heating system in your house and they will also provide you limited warranty and annual maintenance facility on these heating systems.

Energy efficient ducted heating system:

You need to choose the energy efficient ducted heaters for your house and solar power heating system is the best for you. You do not need to use any harmful gas for operating this ducted heating system and you can also save your power consumption bill too. Apart from that, you can install gas heating system and this gas heating system can produces three to four tons carbon dioxide per year. Gas heating systems also create some problems in the environment and if you have sufficient money, then you must install the solar one for your home. In this way, you can save the planet from global warming effects.

What are the benefits of a ducted heating system?

  • Ducted heating systems are generally operated by natural gas and you can reduce your electric consumption bill by installing this heating system. Apart from that, electric heaters can also produce some dry air, which create some skin infection and allergic reactions. To avoid such problems, it is better to install the ducted heaters in your rooms.
  • With the ducted heating system, you can control the temperature of your specific rooms. It can save your running cost, provide great warmth, and you do not need to spend any extra maintenance cost too.

So now install the ducted heating system in your home and call the installer for more details.

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