How to Take Care of Horses to Keep Them in The Best Shape? Some Tips You Can Consider!

Horses are amazing animals. They are strong and sturdy often seen at races and domestic farms. Caring for a horse takes a lot of time, attention and responsibility. Being the owner of a horse is a wonderful experience. If you use it for horse riding, competition or just a pet, it is a loyal and loving companion for life!

Horse care tips

As an owner, keep your horse healthy and happy. It should receive the basic needs like food, clean water, and shelter. Exercise is essential for your horse otherwise it will fall sick. Owning a horse can be expensive and involves a lot of commitment. The basic needs of your horse are as follows-

  1. Food – Horses must be fed with high-quality food. Roughage like hay, pasture, and chaff is needed for survival. You need to feed your horse 1-2kg of 100 kg of body weight. Your horse needs to go to the vet regularly for check-ups. Its nutritional needs change as it grows.
  2. Water –Clean water is essential for the health of your horse. Make sure that your horse is hydrated at all times. Do not rely on buckets for permanent water supply. Horses may tip over the buckets. Opt for dams and reservoirs but clean them regularly. Racing horses need special care when it comes to hydration and water. They participate in prominent competitions like the Breeders Cup and need to be strong and sturdy. They need to drink at least 25-30 liters of clean water in hot summers.
  3. Exercise – Horses need a lot of exercises. They should have sufficient space to run and walk around. However, ensure that sick horses are confined in a separate space and attended to by a qualified vet. They should be supervised and looked after well when ill. Like all animals, they respond well to human care and kindness.
  4. Deworming – Horses should be regularly dewormed, and they must be given their vaccinations on time. Your vet should watch out for diseases like tetanus, strangles and viral respiratory infections.
  5. Dental care – The teeth of horses should be checked by a dentist every year. In case, teeth are not treated, they tend to become sharp and can be the cause of mouth injuries and great pain.
  6. Hooves – A farrier must check the hooves of your horse and have it trimmed regularly. This should be done every 6-8 weeks to curb chipping and discomfort.

Your horse is a gentle and amazing animal. Give it the care and attention you deserve. Always monitor its condition as it should not grow too fat or thin. Ask your vet to advise and guide you on the appropriate weight for your horse.  It might not have a voice, but it loves you more than anything in the world. Treat it with love, kindness, and compassion. Give it sufficient food, shelter, and water. Take it out for daily exercise. Talk to your horse and make it feel special. It will thank you for life and be the constant companion you always wanted!

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